Be Kind to Your Mind Launch

by Erica B. San Diego, MARCH 2022

All of us will react to the stressors of this pandemic in dramatically different ways, from discomfort to acute stress reactions. Increased feelings of anxiety about the unknown, fear related to one’s own health status and/or the health status of others, and grief for what has been lost are normal reactions to what we are experiencing.

There may be feelings of loneliness and isolation from loss of contact with others, or anger and resentment about others’ behaviors during the pandemic. Boredom or restlessness can set in. There may be a feeling of ambivalence and/or uncertainty about the future.

Some will struggle with a downturn in mood, loss of energy, sleep and appetite disturbance, and a sense of hopelessness. Some will turn to or increase substance use.

MPT South launched an activity that will support the mental well-being of the employees. Ms. Margarette Pangilinan, Trauma Specialist, was invited to explain how to take care of our mental health.

Starting on March 8, three sessions are done already and the last session will be on March 29.

Let’s hear from our participants what are their experiences with the session:

Vanessa QuillopasOperations Management“Thank you for this opportunity to attend this kind of meeting, it really helps a lot especially in this pandemic madaming negative thoughts na pumapasok kaya malaking help na may nag reremind na life is beautiful.”
Trisha A. MeruOperations Management“Motivated after hearing videos that are provided and learned a lot about the discussion.”
Arnel NatividadOperations Management“Thank you for the additional knowledge. It can help us on how we can relieve and handle our day-to-day stress. I hope next time face to face naman.
Venorica Lace A. AgabinOperations Management“It literally helps us to have a seminar like this. Thank you and God bless.”
Gemma M. CaspeOperations Management“Content was so relevant. I really enjoyed this kind of seminar. Really helps a lot my mental health especially nowadays.”
Lovely LegaspiOperations Management“Perfect idea po na magkaroon ng ganitong diccussion about stress para aware po kaming lahat kung san nanggagaling ang stress at kung paano po ang gagawin at paano ito maiiwasan. Salamat po. Ingat po”
Maria Miarosa E. DerriegaTollways Development and Engineering“The Facilitator relay the concept very well.”
Rojean B. BaledaTollways Development and Engineering“It helps a lot. hoping for more seminars like this. Thank you, HR.”
Demi Janine A. CamposTollways Development and Engineering“Good topic. Very helpful for employees. Speaker is very knowledgeable and lively even if many participate very lightly.”
Rose Ann G. JavilinarTollways Development and Engineering“This seminar helps me a lot about stress and the factors that lead to stress. It helps me on how to calm yourself whenever you feel stressed. Thank you so much for this session.”
Michelle F. OraaTollways Development and Engineering“It is very informative, wherein you can relate it to your personal life and can help you cope with your stress.”
Recelyn R. PalajeTollways Development and Engineering“The session is quite informative and fun. I also learned how to manage my stress by doing the butterfly hug. Thank you!”
Celina Joyce D. LazaroFinance“Helpful discussion.”





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Erica B. San Diego. Handling Corporate and Government Benefits for MPT South, Cavitex, and CCLEC. A brand new MOM, PATIENT and Empathetic.

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