MPTC Executive Speaks on Embedding Sustainability and Establishing a Framework for Execution on ESG Summit 

by Joan B. Miranda, March 2023

Manila, Philippines – At the recent ESG summit held on February 20-21, 2023, MPTC Chief Corporate Governance and Risk Officer Atty. Cynthia “Dacky” G. Casino shared her expertise on sustainability efforts and the company’s commitment to embedding sustainability in its operations. 

ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a framework used by companies to measure their impact on the environment and society. As the global demand for sustainable practices continues to increase, companies are being urged to incorporate ESG considerations into their operations. 

During her talk, Atty. Dacky emphasized the importance of going through the exercise of determinining an entity’s value chain and examining the impact of its activities and processes across the value chain to society and the environment.  discussed the importance of baselining and strategy development in embedding sustainability into a company’s operations. She also highlighted the need to identify risks and opportunities available in developing sustainability strategies, which should be supported by a governance structure and performance scorecard.  She recommended entering into meaningful partnership with entities that shares the same vision to help advance the company’s corporate strategies. 

Furthermore, Atty. Dacky emphasized the importance of cultivating a culture of sustainability within the company, noting that the success of sustainability efforts depends on the collective effort of all employees. She shared insights on how to sustain the effort via culture and values, highlighting the role of corporate culture in supporting sustainable practices. 

MPTC’s sustainability efforts are aligned with MPIC’s sustainability efforts that support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly in upgrading all industries and infrastructures to make them sustainable (SDG 9) and promoting innovation in building assets in adherence to the company’s commitments to climate action. (SDG 13). 




About the writer:

Joan B. Miranda. Currently the Integrated Communications Manager of MPT South. In her free time, she attempts to transform her thoughts and emotions into literary creations in hope of bringing solace, joy, or inspiration to her readers.