What’s Up, 2022?

by Jomina D. Saflor, Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo and Patricia B. Marcelino, JANUARY 2022

In the previous years of lockdowns, quarantines, and alert level restrictions, we have kept trying to cope with this covid pandemic era. We eminently try to discover new daily routines, wellness goals, and public awareness. So, what we are expecting this 2022?   

  1. More Travel   
Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

 Having been deprived of the freedom to explore, we now look forward to heading to places less traveled by. According to the Designer Journeys blog, we are expecting to have this ‘Travel Trends’ this 2022. More people will be aiming for Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips, seeing that their travel budget has been left untouched for a long time. It can be a trip to Siargao a getaway to London or a peaceful trip to the countryside. 

2. Social Inclusions  

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

We have spent a lot of time on social media especially during quarantine (formerly 14 days now down to 10 days). It allowed us to be more informed of social issues, which is important to know, with the election just around the corner. According to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Data and Statistics, around 67.5 million Filipinos will be qualified to cast their votes this coming 2022 National Elections. Hence, a clear sign that people want to have a voice and be involved in resolving social issues. 

3. Wellbeing   

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Overall wellness had been included on one of the topmost priorities, as we start from home workouts to developing our artistic sides. This can be linked to our mental health awareness; most people nowadays tend to rethink their choices if it has an impact on their mental health. These choices often lead to partaking in different activities such as meditation, home workouts, and some creative activities. We focus more on self-improvement and development.  

For now, let’s continue to support domestic tourism while international travel for tourists remains banned. There are a lot of places here in the Philippines that are still considered hidden gems. Make sure to research and add that to your bucket list this 2022!




About the writers:

Jomina D. Saflor. Mina is currently working under the QSCE Department of PMD-CALAX. She is a cheerful young lady from Cavite and would like to regain her passion for writing.

Patricia B. Marcelino. An expression of one’s creative side. A different angle, sharing one’s point of view through words. That’s what writing is, endless possibilities.

Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo. An enthusiast in creating stories by wandering the different Sights of the South. I am keen to experience and let others know what South has to offer.