What is more effective Diet or Exercise?

by Lulu G. Canlas, July 2022

There’s no doubt that they’re both vitally important to good health.

Achieving a calories deficit through diet modification is the key for weight loss, while exercise provides many benefits that help sustain your results.

Further, both exercise and diet can help reduce heart disease risk, build muscle and improve your mental health.

To promote good overall health. It’s best to consume a minimally processed, whole-food diet full of health fats, fiber and lean protein. Also, aim to get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week.

Joan MirandaExercise. Di ko kayang hindi kumain ng masarap. 
Nigel LutaoFor lessening weight, I believe diet is the more effective method. For gaining strength and becoming healthier, exercise is the way to go. 
Gemma ManaloExercise. It can help you in many ways such as, it can lower your risk of having disease and can also helps you not just only physically but mentally health too. Exercise helps you burn anything you ate. You just have to know which type of exercise your body needs.
Rhizlynn Joy SuzonDiet is more effective than exercise. You can be fit by the means of this two. But you can lose weight on a diet and eating healthy food is a must. You will not be required to do physical activities to lose weight, but you can get better energy by having proper diet such as lowering your calories.
Celina Joyce LazaroExercise. Mas mabilis nabuburn ang tulog na fats sa katawan kapag physically active po 🙂 
Arlynn PapioDiet and exercise are both effective for our health. Exercise helps us to lose weight by burning mostly fat and diet alone won’t do that. So we need to find ways to include it in our daily lives.
Sharmaine VeranoDiet, because I noticed that I’m loosing more weight when I control my food intake than exercising alone. 
Jonathan ManachoIn terms of what? In terms of weight loss, Diet is the key. But in terms of overall health, both are equally important. 
Dennis De LunaDiet, This option I have time to take care myself., 
Rodel SicaporeExercise: You can eat what you want as long as you can burn it and still have energy for the day.  
Gene Patrick Delos SantosFor me it’s diet, with the right food and calorie intake, you can achieve your desired weight. 
Leslie Ann SaulogDiet because I believe in the 70/30 rule. Weight loss is about 70% the food we eat and 30% is exercise. 
Rigo Jude VegasExercise. Based on my experience, even if I eat a lot, I don’t gain that much weight because I do outdoor activities like Cycling and Basketball 
Eugene EstoqueI prefer eercise considering the effort to perform body exercise to attain better health. 
Pauline Renz VillanuevaExercise. Because it helps you lose weight by burning mostly fat; diet alone won’t do that. 




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