What does a sovereign nation such as the Philippines enjoy after the declaration of its Independence Day?

by Lulu G. Canlas, JUNE 2022

The most significant achievement of Aguinaldo’s Dictatorial Government was the proclamation of Philippine Independence in Kawit, Cavite, on June 12 1898. After over 300 years of Spanish rule, the Philippines was finally granted its freedom. The Filipino flag was unfurled for the first time on that day at an inspiring celebration, which also featured the first public playing of the Philippines national anthem. The declaration of Philippine Independence also paved way for acquiring sovereignty.  We must therefore do all possible means to conserve and develop our patrimony, without resorting to war. Let’s hear it from some of our employees.

Arnold BabistaDemocracy and Freedom as an Independent nation.
Celina Joyce LazaroFreedom and patriotism
Marvin M. SenonWe are a free nation that has a privilege to express our ideal and inspirations.
Ryan CondeTo celebrate the freedom to express or move in our own land without fear
Bubot SuetaIt enjoys being independent nation that lead by the president
Hernany MarfilIndependence day malaya na ulit makapamasyal ang bawat pamilya.sa matagal na hindi nakalabas nang bahay dahil sa covid.
Pauline Renz P. VillanuevaThe freedom and culture.
Arlynn B. PapioThe declaration of Independence Day is one of the most important milestones in Philippine history. It is important for us to remember the courage and sacrifices of our heroes who fought for our motherland. Many Filipinos offered their talents and skills and put their lives at risk to achieve our independence. More than remembering our hard-earned freedom, this is an opportunity to appreciate Filipino heritage, culture, and tradition. And we Filipinos can really enjoy this freedom, by spreading the cultures and traditions that we have all over the world.
Lordwilhelm ToldoyaTo proclaim the sovereignty and independence of the Philippines from the colonial rule of the Spanish Empire
Eugenio EstoqueIt enjoys to experience democracy in the entire country
Jettyford F. BuenoDemocracy, Leaders are chosen by the people thru voting, right to educ, right to health care, right of speech right to express yourself
Leslie C. SaulogFilipino people enjoyed their freedom to choose their religious affiliation.
Margie DanesFreedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom to travel
Junior SantosPhilippines independent nation
Arnel NatividadWe enjoy our freedom to express our feeling and thoughts, and freedom to choose what we want in our life.




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