Ways of Managing Waste in Supply Chain

by Obella Marie D. Ronsairo, SEPTEMBER 2022

Minimizing and managing waste is an important part of supply chain that needs to be addressed to prevent possible negative outcomes. Businesses that aspire to champion sustainability must practice waste management and ensure that this practice would work seamlessly across the whole supply chain process.

The earlier it is done, the more advantageous it will be as it will help to ride out disruption while maximizing the bottom line when things are going well.

Here are some ways to manage and minimize waste in your supply chain:

Put your customers first – customers are an untapped resource when it comes to identifying supply chain waste. Run a survey to determine how well customers rate your products and delivery performance and how you compare to other brands they use.

Review your logistics operations – Logistics operations are often the source of many “hidden” inefficiencies within your supply chain. However, focusing on these can give you a quick win and instantly eliminate a significant source of waste.

Review your returns policies and procedures – defective products to be returned to your suppliers while tracking longer-term defect rates and ensuring suppliers receive this feedback.

Waste generation can be associated with multiple stages in the supply chain starting from the process used for raw materials generation to the waste generated by the end users/customers

However, to effectively minimize waste in the supply chain, no matter the approach, there needs to be a collaboration between buyers and suppliers. This creates a more accountable and mutually beneficial environment for an organization by ensuring the sharing of information and the creation of discourses to create more sustainable operations.


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