Thrive Through Transformation

Excerpts from REF’s Build as One message

by Pia G. Alimon, SEPTEMBER 2021

Theres a story of a man: He was given the job of painting the yellow lines down the middle of a highway. On his first day, he painted 10 kilometers; the next day 5 kilometers; the following day less than 1 kilometer.

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When the foreman asked the man why he kept painting less and less each day, he replied, “I just can’t do any better. Each day I keep getting farther away from the paint can.”’

My MPTC colleagues, that is how we will be if we don’t move forward, and we keep going back to that same “paint can,” even as it gets farther and farther behind us. Transformation is taking that “paint can” of our talents, our skills, our passion, our teams, ourselves—bringing that with us as we stride forward with bigger and more relevant impact for our community, rather than sticking with the same old ways and achieving less and less as the world changes more and more.

Shall we always just be subject to the whims of this pandemic?

Or shall we transform ourselves and our company so that we can take hold of our future?

We showed our resilience already. We continued to build connections. We worked hard to meet targets. And we solved problems as they come.

Yet, there are still these things.  This was a headline from The Atlantic just last month. And it defined the current state of COVID-19.

And this.

How do we prepare for what we cannot predict? How do we fly when it’s zero visibility out there?

We surveyed some of our executives on what their Challenges to Execution were, and UNCERTAINTY topped the list. Most of us feel uncertain. We could interpret that to mean uncertainty is keeping us stuck.

We can’t take the leap. We could always jump, sure; but if we’re not ready and we don’t know where we’re going to land, we really shouldn’t. But if we knew HOW to land, IF WE WERE READY, it could be zero visibility and yet, we could still jump. We would’ve tested our parachutes, trained in simulation, worked out so that we are strong and when we hit the ground, we can take it.

THAT is what transformation is going to do for us—to make certain that we are a thriving MPTC, no matter what the uncertain future brings, kahit na ano pang CQ, -CQ ang ideklara!


We will be proactive, not reactive.

We will not just manage crises,

We will build an MPTC that will continue to grow through anything.

Transformation is mastering the art of living with continuous change. It is to thrive in a world that is unpredictable and volatile, where change is the rule rather than the exception.

Transformation allows us to bring MPTC services into the comforts of our customers’ homes, no matter how uncomfortable the adjustment is for us  

Transformation will allow us to thrive where COVID-19 cannot: the digital world.

Transformation sees all of us MPTC workers across the board, working faster, better, safer and happier, even through this pandemic.

And transformation will open our eyes to see visionary, diverse and relevant ideas, even before our customers know they need them.

We transform as one. We build as one. We move as one towards being the provider of an ultimate mobility experience.

The ones who will realize this is us. What made us successful in the past may not take us to where we want to go. Thats why transformation begins with us; with you and me.

Thank you.



About the writer:

Officially Celeste Pia Marcia Guiang Alimon, Pia does the branding, marketing and corpcomm-ing for MPTC. She believes that no truer words have e’er been spoken when Yoda uttered, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Also, Pia’s Myers-Briggs test once told her she’s an introvert.


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