The Many Roles of a Father

by Rachelle Lee, JUNE 2022

Our Father’s wear different kinds of hat for their family. Ultimately, they are the protector and the strength of the family. They provide a feeling of security, both physically and emotionally. They’re always there for us, may it be as a silent presence or a moral compass. Guiding us in all our stages of life. For Father’s Day, they deserve the very best too. We only wish for true joy and happiness, and to know that we’re always here for them.

Now let’s take a look on the loveable and handsome fathers of MPT South fam with the MPTC hashtag, #MPTCFathersDay #MyFunnyDad!

  1. Gems Manalo Caspe

2. Sunshine Alejandro – Tolibas



About the writer:

Rachelle Ann U. Lee. A multi-talented HR Business Partner Senior Associate of Operations and Communication Stakeholder Management. She also leads the Employee Engagement initiatives.

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