Tara na sa Norte hanggang Biyaheng South: Spooktacular Places you can go to this Halloween

by Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo and Patricia B. Marcelino, OCTOBER 2021

We Filipinos are known for our rich culture, beliefs, and traditions. It is known that our country has lots of beautiful places we can travel to, but not all are beautiful, some of them are haunted and can give us a very spine-chilling experience. Halloween is almost here! It’s that time of the year again where horror movies are mostly aired on televisions, eerie stories and experiences are shared. What best way to spend your long weekend than have a spooktacular adventure with friends and loved ones? Wherever you may be here are the places you can go to that can tick off your bucket list on visiting a haunted location.

Tara na sa Norte! Here are some of the places you can go to in the North area:

1.Diplomat Hotel in Baguio, Benget

One of the most publicized scary places in the City of Pines. Known to be infested with ghosts and a hub of supernatural activity, you must prepare yourself for a hair-raising encounter if you dare to visit this abandoned hotel. (Credits: https://www.tripzilla.com/haunted-places-in-philippines/22925)

2. Clark Air Base Hospital in Angeles, Pampanga

Surely this place will give you the chills! This hospital was an asylum during Second World War and the Vietnam war. Many have claimed that the premises are filled with paranormal activities and restless spirits. This place was also featured in a National Geographic documentary in 2013

3. Bahay na Pula in San Ildefonso, Bulacan

It is believed that this ancestral house was the place where women were held captive during the Japanese era and where they eventually died during their stay. Some guerillas are also tortured and burned here. This is the reason why some visitors believe that the red hue of the house might be the blood that flowed within the vicinity, tainting it forever. Wailing sounds, screams, and temperature shifts, as well as the ghastly feeling of someone looking from behind your back, are some of the most shared experiences.

Photo Credit: Juan Sinag Cano

That’s just some of the haunted places in the North. Now, here’s the list of the haunted places in the South:

1.Corregidor: The Old Hospital

The crumbling infirmary was originally designed in a shape of a cross so enemy planes can see what the structure is and avoid bombing it. A lot of people. This place has great historical significance mostly related to the bombing and many battles were fought on the island. Huge amounts of death were experienced. In addition to these sounds of pain and anguish, many have even claimed to hear disembodied footsteps and the normal hustle and bustle of a functional hospital continuing to operate. 

Photo Credits: Amyscrypt.com

2. San Jose Village

What’s scarier than living in a village that was previously a cemetery? The San Jose Village is dubbed as the “cursed village” in the South. A lot of people were saying that during nighttime, a headless priest is seen on St. Joseph Street and several white ladies crossing the other streets. These are just some of the experiences and unexplained disturbances from the residents.

Photo Credits: Manila Insider

3. Ligaya Drive 

Located at Talisay, Batangas also known as Killer Loop of the South. The view is rewarding during the daytime but it becomes dangerous and eerie at night. Some have seen a white lady in the center of the pitch-black road (leading to accidents), feeling the car suddenly getting heavier, and driving endlessly for hours unless passengers wear their shirts inside out. 

Photo Credits: Pinoy Joyride

4. Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine 

Located at Kawit, Cavite. Some say a kapre is living in this house of Aguinaldo which owed his protection during the war. But some of the residents in Kawit say that some nights, especially during All Souls Day, the presence of Aguinaldo is being felt in the whole house. 

Photo Credits: Wazzup Pilipinas

Let’s go explore these haunted places in the North and South with your barkada!




About the writers:

Patricia B. Marcelino. An expression of one’s creative side. A different angle, sharing one’s point of view through words. That’s what writing is, endless possibilities.

Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo. An enthusiast in creating stories by wandering the different Sights of the South. I am keen to experience and let others know what South has to offer.

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