Summer: Leisure or Action

by Lulu G. Canlas, APRIL 2022

After more than two years of varying degrees of lockdown and Alert Level 1, plenty of people has prepared for the summer, especially with the lenten season.

And so, we asked MPT South employees which they prefer — laidback leisure or outdoor action-adventure summer. Here are their responses.


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Fifteen out of the 28 MPT South employees prefer a laidback leisure summer.

Bubot V. SuetaTollways Development and EngineeringI want to relax and sleep.
Rojean B. Baledad Tollways Development and Engineering… it is a great stress buster for me and it helps me reinvent myself. 🙂
Leziel B. LusicaTollways Development and EngineeringMy main purpose pag-nag ttravel is to recharge and enjoy the scenery. 🙂
Marvin M. SenonTollways Development and EngineeringFor relaxation
Dennis A. De Luna Tollways Development and EngineeringI will spend it with my family cirlce house to house because di kami masyado nagkita kita during hard pandemic quarantines.
Jonathan B. ManachoTollways Development and EngineeringI just want to relax, relieve stress, & strain, calm my mind away from work or stressful things in life.
Girlblu Y. MirandaTollways Development and EngineeringMore relaxed summer getaway.
Nikko R. AtienzaTechnology ManagementFor peace of mind and relaxing to remove stress
Pauline Renz P. VillanuevaTechnology ManagementIt rejuvenates body & soul and clears out mental clutter.
Rea Joy K. FloresOperations ManagementWhen I’m getting older hahahaha mature rather laid back leisure is the best summer getaway night beach walk is really relaxing for me away from the busy cities and have time to reflex and close to nature.
Margie S. DanesFinanceSummer get away for me means total rest, relaxation, pampering myself, and rewarding myself for a job well done at work/ at home.
Leslie Ann C. SaulogCommunication and Stakeholder ManagementWhile watching trees sway and birds fly.
Aime G. EstandaCommunication and Stakeholder ManagementI’m more of a chill person. I love to watch and see things move and unfold on it’s own.

An Outdoor Action Adventure Summer

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Eleven out of the 28 MPT South employees prefer an outdoor action-adventure summer.

Michelle F. OraaTollways Development and EngineeringI enjoy it more, especially with my family. They love to do a lot of activities and make it more memorable.
Krishee Anne D. HayagTollways Development and EngineeringYou get to enjoy a scenic view with a challenging course.
Maria Victoria M. ArellanoTollways Development and EngineeringSummer getaway should be fun with lots of activities that will refresh the mind and the body.
David L. FuleOperations ManagementI might discover something new about places, people or myself haha
Arlynn B. PapioOperations ManagementIt would be fun if we do an action adventure. It can lower stress and depression and improve your quality of life, so it’s something worth making time for.
Jettyford F. BuenoOperations ManagementSummer getaway action-adventure, beaches with island hopping, banana boating, hiking, trail run.
Bernadette O. SebastianFinanceSympre para iwas Stroke
Honey Mae C. SimeonLegalIt is more thrilling

Whether it’s laidback leisure or outdoor action-adventure summer, it seems people are celebrating the summer to the max. Have fun but keep safe. 🙂



About the writer:

Lulu G. Canlas. A kind-hearted individual who helps others express their feelings, shake off their burden through the power of writing and expressing their thought.