Summer is Near: Top 6 Tipid Travel Tips

by Fred John Santos, FEBRUARY 2022

The recent Omicron outbreak in the Philippines bars many individuals from traveling after reimposing stricter travel restrictions to prevent its spread. Majority of our recreational activity plans, celebrations, road trips, gatherings, and other travel plans were aborted.

Now that the country is beginning its next chapter on the road to recovery and we are nearing the season of travel, let us be prepared to spend more for summer travel together with our family, friends, and loved ones.

These are 6 tipid tips from a budgetarian traveler in planning your perfect summer vacation on a budget:

1) Hunt for travel package discounts.

If you are the kind of traveler who just wanted to sit back and relax on a trip, this is probably the best option for you. Since the country is reopening to tourism, travel tour packages are mostly discounted, and you’ll find travel agencies and operators almost everywhere that offer affordable deals. Look for an all-in package that includes round-trip transfer (drivers fee, toll, gas, and parking), accommodation, and even coordinator/ tour guide that can make your tours and travels cost-effective.

2) Find low fares and flight promotions.

If you are planning to travel via air, follow the social media pages of different airlines (Cebu Pacific Air, AirAsia, and Philippine Airlines) and standby for PISO fare/seat sale announcements. One tip is to avail of the promo flight during the first hours of the promo period, usually during midnight, to successfully book the cheapest fare available. Also, take note that the number of available seats on sale is VERY LIMITED so you need to be fast and precise.

3) The more the merrier, the more the cheaper!

Definitely, it is. Traveling with a tribe creates even stronger bonds and adds to the overall vacation experience. More importantly, traveling as a group can also save money! You’ll typically find savings on total expenses, from accommodation and transportation, when divided to everyone. Dining budget can also be kept in check when cooking meals for a larger group.

4) Commute when you can.

As of writing, fuel prices have increased by P7.00 up to over P10.00 per liter since the start of the year due to tight global supply, according to the Department of Energy. Public transportation saves money for many. You don’t want to spend way too much of your budget on filling up your gas tank.  Now that the government loosened land travel restrictions, more modes of public transportation, like jeeps, buses, and UV express, are back in its operation. Moreover, using public transport won’t require you to think too much: pay your fare, get on, and get there.

5) Spend less with Transients.

Local transient houses are indeed cheaper than lodging in a hotel. Simply because hotels are expensive. Besides, you won’t even need to board in a place that offers a lot of amenities since you will be too busy exploring the destination rather than staying inside your room.

6) Travel within the reach.

Lastly, if you are really into traveling while saving your budget and time, try exploring places nearby your area that you’ve never been before or are worth revisiting. Opt for cheap but awesome vacation spots that are just within the proximity of the capital. Long drives can be expensive and time-consuming.

Tagaytay City in Cavite, the summer capital of South, is just one to two hours away from Manila via Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX). It offers the best view of Taal Volcano with a cool and lovely atmosphere. For more travel ideas and destinations in the South, you can like and follow Biyaheng South’s Facebook and TikTok accounts.

Remember that you don’t have to become rich to treat yourself to a vacation. You just need to make the most out of your travel budget so you can restore your mental health without destroying your finances.

While planning for your summer vacation, also bear in mind that we are still on a pandemic. Let us continue to practice the government’s health protocols in preventing the spread of COVID-19.




About the writer:

Frederick John Santos. A former media practitioner: he is a previous Social Media News Writer in an AM Radio Station. Now with MPT South, he writes to give information and updates of MPTS’ toll roads among its motorists, stakeholders, and media.

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