Serve with a HeaRt


Responsiveness as we define is being wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that customer needs are addressed, at the right time, in right place, by the right person.

Responsiveness is one of the most important values that an HR person should have. For me, it is about setting aside your needs, because it is about prioritizing others’ needs. it is about being selfless…

Human Resources have been irrevocably changed by the pandemic, requiring us to learn new technology-based skills to continue to engage employees, as well as be more resourceful to extend support to employees.

In 2020, I was tasked to spearhead COVID protocols, initiatives, and clinic management of MPTC. The journey wasn’t smooth as I had to learn the medical language and more importantly, develop networks and connections with “kapatid” hospitals just to help employees including their families. One fine Sunday, I reached out to almost all the Presidents of MVP Group Hospitals within Metro Manila, as far as Calamba and Tarlac Hospitals just to seek help to accommodate a colleague during the peak of the pandemic when hospitals are in full bed capacity. At that very moment, I recognized the need and the urgency to help that’s why I didn’t mind whom I was talking to and didn’t care that they may be spending their quality time with their family. Because all I care is I need to help someone…

That experience made me realize that being responsive doesn’t mean you will just stick to your expertise but it is about going beyond what you can do. Being responsive doesn’t mean you’re just limited to your circle of influence. It is about extending your influence to do the extra mile. More importantly, being responsive is about being passionate to serve others with a HeaRt. 



Jeng Ocampo. A certified mountaineer HR Business Partner.
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