QR Codes and its Quirky Uses

by Celina Joyce D. Lazaro, APRIL 2021

Commonly used for inventory management tools, QR codes has been used extensively in businesses. Today, QR codes are also use in other fields such as health, marketing etc. QR codes stands for “Quick Response” code. They may look simple but QR codes can store a lot of data. No matter what data they contain, when scanned, the QR code allows the user to access information instantly. QR codes are also called “action codes” because they make it easy for the user to act right after scanning them with their phones. Using QR codes, one can experience the following:

1. Quick Access on Information

As an end user, you can get instant access to more details about a service, product or images by scanning a QR Code. Most QR codes will provide a shortcut to online content that is updated real-time, therefore there will be no need to type or remember long URL addresses. And by using QR code, you can always check or keep a digital archive of this information and get an access to this information back at any time.

2. Trackable

If you are a marketer, you can provide your customers with more information with QR codes, and this information can be restored up to date. With QR codes, your customers can be easily notified of your product with the latest update and information. QR codes for your business can provide your customers an instant link to your product website. The marketers can also track the users and see insights in terms of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through reviewing analytics in real-time.

Photo by Tim Douglas on Pexels.com

3. QR codes are flexible

QR codes are now used in different contexts such as follows:

  • QR codes in sales and marketing

Many advertisers are using QR codes in their campaigns because it provides a faster and more innovative way to direct people to websites than by just entering URLs manually.

  • QR codes in product packaging

The QR codes that are printed on the packaging of a certain product can reveal information about the product, such as nutritional information or special offers you can use next time you make a purchase.

  • QR codes in coronavirus tracing

This coronavirus pandemic has amplified the use of QR codes. We use QR codes to identify and trace the possible close contact of a person if someone tests positive for Covid-19.

  • QR codes in the industry

QR codes were initially invented to help track parts in vehicle manufacturing and are still used throughout the manufacturing industry. Other industry businesses such as engineering, construction, and retail industries are also using QR codes to keep an eye on their products and supplies.

  • QR codes in education

These are used in schools and colleges to help the students to be engage. QR codes can also used for tasks where students can find books that they are searching for.

  • QR codes in postal services

Postal services around the world also use them. Because of large information, QR codes are often relied upon to track parcels.

QR codes can be used in different ways and these are some of the benefits we can get from the QR code technology. QR code technology is proving to be a powerful tool when paired with innovative strategy and focus on customer experience.







About the writer:

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