People, at the heart of MPTC’s 2021 Strategies

Sigrid C. Shun, MAY 2021

At the center of MPTC’s 2021 Strategic Priorities is the health and welfare of its people.

Rod E. Franco, MPTC President and CEO

“Not only of its employees but its customers”, according to MPTC President and CEO Rod E. Franco (REF), who sees this as our main priority while we are still in the middle of the pandemic. REF opened MPT South’s first trimester business review last May 6 with group updates in the first three quarters and the adjustments made in MPTC’s business strategies.

REF continued to say, “2021 is still a tough year. We are still in a pandemic. Businesses have not fully recovered. And, the additional mobility restrictions are affecting not only our business but some of the businesses of the group (MPIC). …Since our businesses involved mobility, we are the ones severely affected by the mobility restrictions. We are hoping that with the continuing easing of the restrictions, our business can bounce back.”


Chief Information and Digital Officer Carlo L. Cagalingan shared MPTC’s Digital Business Plan. He said, “We are going to center all our digital projects from our customer data. And, that is why, we call our customer data, our crown jewels. They are our very treasured asset and we need to protect them at all cost.”


Some of the executives of MPT South reported on the company’s corporate WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) with emphasis on the following:

  • Completion of Projects on time
  • Tariff Adjustments Implementation
  • Realization of Traffic Volume Projections
  • Expansion of Toll Network Footprint

MPT South President and GM Bobby V. Bontia in closing said, “Apart from us planning and traversing all of the challenges, it is important and part of our responsibility that we communicate to our people.”

The First Trimester Business Review of MPT South lasted for four and half hours with a total of 60 participants from leaders of MPTC and MPT South.



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