Party Panda Mike E. Custodio

by Margie S. Danes, JULY 2021

Don’t we wonder why our closest friends comfortably and fondly call us using different names. Sometimes they call us with unique nicknames and even call us with pet names? Research shows that personal idioms or nicknames are a sign of relationship solidarity. But who would have thought of connecting these pet names into business?

Mike E. Custodio

Amazingly, this is how Mike E. Custodio, Auxiliary and Building Senior Associate of MPT South, started his business. He has been with the company for three years. His friends fondly call him Panda. Since he is into a business that is mainly involved in selling party needs items, he and his business partner, Edward thought of putting it together with the word, “Party”. Hence, the business name, “Party Panda.” Besides, they think it’s also a very catchy name for celebrations. And, undoubtedly, it is! 

Party Panda’s business started around March 2018. Everyone is their target market. They sell party needs items like balloons, banners, party poppers, banderitas, cake decors, and even items that can be used as gifts or giveaways on occasions.

They are also affected drastically by the pandemic. They needed to reduce their employees working days in order to keep everyone. Sales have also gone down compared to the sales prior pandemic. Thankfully, their sales are still above break-even point because of simple, stay-at-home celebrations. Though they don’t provide services like making customized cakes, renting chairs and tables, providing clowns, and the like, they do allow the party service providers to post or provide their details in their shops for FREE as an added value to their customers.

Overall, the business is still thriving. Party Panda currently has expanded into three store locations, all of which are in Cavite – Naic, Tanza, and Rosario. “There was no inspiration behind it. We just thought of some business where we can invest our money in and since one of our previous partners was already in that kind of business; we just thought of developing our store and brand and copy their system,” Custodio humbly said. They are eyeing to open the business through franchise. A lot of interested people have already inquired as far as Abra and Cebu. They are currently just saving up funds for franchising costs and they think that it is the fastest way on how they could expand it in the future.

Here’s the answer to our stay-at-home celebration needs such as decorations and gift ideas. As long as you need to celebrate, regardless of your age, they can provide stuff that you might need during any celebration as there are tons of themes to choose from. If you need any decors for celebrations you can go to their Facebook page, Party Panda Shop, where they would be glad to assist and give you discounts as long as you present your MPT South ID upon purchase.




About the writer:

Margie S. Danes. A Certified Public Accountant with extensive 14 years of experience in the fields of Accounting. Explored and mastered the end to end finance process from recording up to financial reporting. Loves writing and it was such a dream come true when she joined the Southlink Newsletter team in January 2019. With her family as her inspiration, spend most of her free time with her beloved family. Favorite quote is “Decisions are made to make things happen, we are what we are because we decided to become what we are!”

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