Our Role in Fire Prevention

by Leziel G. Bandiola and Bubot V. Sueta, MARCH 2021

“Fire prevention is everybody’s job.”


The rising COVID-19 cases does not exempt us to a fire (or disaster) proof environment. Fire Disaster can leave a tremendous damage to people’s property or even worst our own life. But these scenarios can be prevented if we will orient and prepare ourselves.

Preventive – as the old saying goes, “true prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it’s preventing things from happening in the first place.”, it is better to be ready than sorry.

Here are some tips that we can be reminded of in general:

  1. Check all electrical wirings regularly – always unplugged when it is not needed (it can be both lifesaving and economical)
  2. Do not smoke inside the house – protect the safety and health of your home.
  3. Keep matches and other flammable objects out of your children’s reach.
  4. When cooking – Always check your LPG Tank and Hoses.
  5. Never put a burning candle on areas where you cannot see it – based on statistics this is the number two cause or reason of fire in the Philippines.

Just in case of Fire (or disaster), here are some tips that we should keep reminding ourselves:

  1. Stay Calm. One of the most important tips for staying calm during an emergency is to stay positive throughout the crisis. Make sure you take deep breathes. Negative thought will make you do irrational things that could not only hurt yourself but the people around you.
  2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Like the slow down step, you will want to remain aware of your surroundings throughout an emergency experience. Remember to always scan the room and take note of what is around. You never know what will be helpful—especially if you are with a disabled or injured individual.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the evacuation plan posted on the building (or the MPT South Hub Evacuation Plan).
  4. Fire Extinguisher is only advised to use to put out small fire only.
  5. Call our emergency hotline – BFP Cavite, FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/cavite.bfp. (Area Code: 046)




About the writers:

Leziel G. Bandiola. On the job with ISO 9001 Quality Management System for more than five years and counting. Since I transferred here in MPTS I have been exposed to Environment, Safety and Health. I have been with the newsletter team for more than a year now, a lot of lesson was learned and more exciting facts to unveiled as I work with this growing team.<3

Bubot V. Sueta. Environment Safety and Health Specialist, father of three beautiful children, a loving and faithful husband…. Graduated in Centro Escolar University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Major in Broadcast. A Safety Officer for 10 years. Safety at work and home are his priorities. Ensures that the Project Site are free from hazards, all workers at site are knowledgeable on their activity and have a core value of safety awareness. The goal is to deliver the project on time with Quality and most importantly with ZERO Loss Time Incident.

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