Newsletter Writing for Non-writers Workshop

by Sharmaine D. Paglinawan, AUGUST 2021

Southlink Editorial Team recognizes the need for constant learning and improvement to deliver noteworthy articles for our readers. With this, the team continuously looks for trainings and workshops that target the areas that we need to improve on. And this is not just open for the Editorial team. Through this, we also encouraged employees who are interested in joining the company newsletter.

Geraldine Marie Sugue facilitated this year’s newsletter training. She is one of the faculty in the Organizational Communication Department at De La Salle University-Manila. Her competencies also include public speaking, something she has enjoyed since her early career days at Levi Strauss and company where she presented products and ideas to Filipino and foreign audiences. She further honed her public speaking skills as her career evolved to include training and consulting.

During the training, the participants were individually asked to write a news article and apply the basics of news writing. To make this activity a little bit more exciting, Gege selected top five articles who won individual cash prizes.

 Read more to know who got the first three spots.

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