MPTS Customer Service Gets a Make Over

by Mhanny S. Agusto, JUNE 2021

As we see more and more motorists visit our customer service centers (CSCs) to avail Easytrip RFID, reload their accounts, and raise other toll road and service concerns, MPT South felt the need to do a makeover with its CSCs in CALAX and CAVITEX C5 Link. This is to further enhance the overall Customer Experience by providing them a facility that not just caters to their needs but also provides a visually pleasing experience to them. According to HK Interior Website (2021), chances are the business’ clients look around at the furnishings, artwork, and cleanliness of the facility. Apart from finding helpful, friendly employees, they want a well-organized and pleasant business.

Moreover, enhancing the physical features of a Customer Service Center reflects who we are as a company. From having a unified design following the MPTC branding guidelines, refurbished paint works and additional signages, all of these contribute towards our vision of providing the ultimate mobility experience, through vital integrated infrastructure, powered by innovative technology, driven by our highly engaged people.

In one month, with the support of the different departments from Supply Chain and Risk Management, TDE, Operations, Easytrip, and CSM, the CSC redesign project was able be implemented successfully. Now, let’s take a look at what has been done in the said facilities.



What’s new with the CAVITEX C5 LINK CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER? For the Exterior Design, we repainted the temporary facility similar to our CSC in CALAX and added lighted signages. For the Interior Design, we added wallpaper, room dividers, and the main help desk with CSC signage for an enhanced look. 


What’s new with the CALAX CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER? For the Exterior Design, aside from refurbishing the paint works at the modular booths, plant boxes with bougainvillea plants were added for a fresher look of the building. Lighted signage was also added facing the road. For the Interior Design, branding colors were painted to once plain walls and pillars. Wallpapers and acrylic signages were also installed to complete the make-over of the facility’s interior.

Overall, both CSC design improvements are guided by the needs of our customers and are made in compliance with the social distancing protocols for face-to-face interactions. As MPT South gears towards digitization of its services, these Customer Service Centers are now ready to be transformed into One-Stop Shops for our customers which will cater to their needs. In the coming months, these facilities will be equipped with self-service kiosks for Easytrip RFID Sticker issuance and reloading, and a complaint help desk, to further enhance the Customer Experience of our motorists. Also, part of the plans is the operationalization of drive-through reloading booths near these CSCs.




About the writer:

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