MPT South’s Passion and Commitment for the 2022 Strategic Plans

by Sigrid C. Shun, AUGUST 2021

What a busy month August turned out to be for the MPT South MCC (Management Committee Council). Where planning is not a simple event but a continuing journey of aligning and collaborating; making sure that 2022 will be successful and a fruitful year for MPT South.

Passion and Commitment

With passion and commitment, the MCC team aligned and collaborated for the past several days in identifying the different scenarios that may have a big impact to MPT South’s priorities. The teams efforts were presented in the plenary held last August 20, 2021 for additional inputs and polling of priorities from the MCC.

“We really need to focus on the essentials that should really be part of our planning process.”

MPT South President and GM Bobby V. Bontia

MPT South President and GM Bobby V. Bontia, in closing said, “For 2022, our mindset would have to really be one with cautious optimism… It’s really putting 2022 into a gradual normalization. There is really a sense of control, a confidence of control over what is happening now. But let us not forget the safety nets in the event that there would still be surges because pandemic will probably not go away by early next year or probably the entire of next year. It will still be around. But more and more, we will be able to co-exist to the point that we will be able to work out our processes around that. Let’s make sure that safety nets are still in our plans so that we can really adjust. And as part of being cautiously optimistic, we need to avoid committing or putting commitments that are fixed. We have to be flexible so that we either scale up or down depending on the situation.”



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