MPT South’s Favorite Travel Destination

by Lulu G. Canlas, SEPTEMBER 2022

There is no better way than travel to get some freshness. Be it a solo trip, with family or friends.

It takes us out of our comfort zones and inspires us to see, taste, and try new things not only to adapt to and explore new surroundings but also to engage with different people

The experience is always bringing a sense of inner peace.

We asked MPT South employees their favorite travel destinations. Here are the top three destinations in the Philippines.

  1. Hometown
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Arlynn B. Papio, Operations ManagementPangasinan, I just love to visit my grandmother together with my relatives.
Dennis A. De Luna, Tollways Development and EngineeringMy province, to meet my relatives and loved ones.
Ervin Loyd Y. Pizarro, Tollways Development and EngineeringMy favorite travel destination is ‘home’. I would always want to go back to Cagayan, the place where I was born, and where I spent a lot of my childhood memories. Thinking of traveling back home gives me excitement and knowing that, I get to bond with my relatives, friends, schoolmates, and the place itself. Cagayan has many unique attractions and sightseeing as well such as falls, the sea, islands, and rock formations among others. Batanes is quite near our place, a boat ride away and you can already see the scenic view of the New Zealand vibe (though I haven’t been to that place). Traveling across towns also you’ll get to taste great local delicacies such as TUPIG, a rice cake made from glutinous rice with coconut milk, and muscovado sugar, wrapped in a coconut strip; MIKI NILADDIT, a chicken noodle soup made of Miki- flat noodles, chicken stock, shredded chicken and annatto powder (Atsuete); Pansit Batil Patong, a noodle dish which uses carabao meat instead of the usual cow, pig, or chicken meat; and a lot more. Seafood is abundant also in our place. 😀
Marvin M. Senon, Tollways Development and EngineeringTacloban City, Leyte as my home town and many of my relatives leaves there.
Danilo R. Ignacio, Tollways Development and EngineeringMy homeplace, when you have to live so far and so long ago from the place where you first breathe the freshness of the air and open your eyes to the simplest beauty of the place there would never be a better place to visit the place where it all started….your homeplace.
Brean J. Enero, Tollways Development and EngineeringMarinduque province because this is where i grow up and i want to visit all the hidden beautiful places in my province.
Christian A. Labajo, Operations ManagementBohol, because it’s one of the greatest places in the world and my hometown.

2. Destinations in the North

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Arnold A. Babista, Operations ManagementIlocos Norte, because of bagnet and empanada.
Heinz Reimann Orais, FinanceBaguio. That’s the trip my kids enjoyed before the pandemic and we want to go back and re-live the fun experience.
Francis Joseph O. Martinez, Tollways Development and EngineeringBeaches in La Union. I had an experience with the locals there, like immersion and during my stay there, it really feels peaceful. The locals are kind and very accommodating. From time to time I tried to at least visit the place every year.
Kimir E. Brina, Tollways Development and EngineeringBaguio, beautiful nature, a cold, fresh air rejuvenate me and others.
Leslie C. Saulog, Communication and Stakeholder ManagementMy favorite travel destination is Baguio City because it is my happy place. 🙂
Rio Carlos Del Rosario, Tollways Development and EngneeringVigan Calle Crisologo because of its Spanish colonial town and historic spots
Sarah Mae S. Rojas, Operations ManagementReal Quezon

3. Destinations in the South

Celina Joyce DJ. Lazaro, FinanceMy favorite travel destination is the healing island of Siquijor. I fell in love with its peaceful and mysterious ambiance.
Dondon Israel A. Acorda, Tollways Development and EngineeringBoracay. Peaceful, relaxing, and very nice view.
Pauline Renz P. Villanueva, Technology ManagementBoracay, because of the powdery white sand and also the foods 🙂
Jeff Del Pilar, Tollways Development and EngineeringCaramoan. Love island hopping.
Krishee Anne D. Hayag, Tollways Development and EngineeringFor local El nido palawan, for International Japan. Because I experience healthy lifestyle and environment at this places.
Hernany L. Marfil, Supply Chain ManagementBoracay with my Family siyempre.




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