MPT South Hub: Rainwater Collection System

by Dhale Angelo D. Santos and Nigel Q. Lutao, SEPTEMBER 2022

The Philippines is again going through the latter part of its annual rainy season which usually occurs between June to November. As of writing, the South Luzon area is experiencing regular rain showers that range from moderate to heavy rainfall mostly caused by the Southwest Monsoon or more commonly known as “Habagat.” The MPT South Hub (MPTS Hub) is not exempted from this inclement and at times gloomy circumstance. Despite this, the MPTS Hub along with its Asset Management Facilities Team find ways to utilize this initially unfavorable situation. 

It may not be apparent to all, but the MPTS Hub has a rainwater collection system in-placed. Using the MPTS Hub’s nearly1300 square meter roof deck as a catch basin, the building can actively collect and store as much as 300 cubic meters or roughly 300,000 liters of rainwater in its 2 underground rainwater collection tanks located at each end of the building. As of now, this stored water is mainly used for landscaping works such as watering plants, especially during dry season. During these times, our deep well water source is manually switched to our underground rainwater collection tanks, allowing us to further our sustainability goals through this method. The Asset Management Facilities Team regularly checks and maintains the parts of the rainwater collection system to uphold our sustainability goals and to constantly provide recycled water to our landscape maintenance personnel. The team also hopes to install a water meter in the rainwater collection system to better log our rainwater utilization and generate higher recycled water use. 




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