MPT South Heeds Call for Help for Victims of Typhoon Odette

by John Ivan B. Cuevillas, JANUARY 2022

While many of us were excited and busy preparing for the celebration of the Christmas season last year, our brethren from Visayas and Mindanao were greatly devastated by Typhoon Odette (International name: Typhoon Rai) last December 27, 2021. Many warnings from the different government agencies were made before the Typhoon hit the ground to ensure the safety of our kababayans. However, despite the readiness made by the people and the government, many livelihoods and jobs were still greatly affected during its passing. Also, many of the families were left with no home and some lost their loved ones.

To show its support and solidarity with the Typhoon Odette victims, MPT South urgently mobilized a relief effort activity together with NLEX to promptly aid areas in Cebu that have been ruined by Typhoon Odette. By its effort last December 22, 2021, we were able to procure 1,000 packs of relief goods amounting to almost 500,000 pesos, containing basic goods such as 5 kilos of rice, noodles, canned goods, and coffee that will help our kababayans sustain their needs for 3 days.

During these times, it is harder for us to face natural calamities because of the difficult situation that we are already experiencing brought by the pandemic due to COVID-19. But here in MPT South, we assure everyone that we will always have our kababayan’s back in recovering and rising from the challenges of life.




About the writer:

John Ivan B. Cuevillas. One of the Stakeholder Management Senior Associates from CSM Division. A former Educator and an External Relations and Communications Officer. By joining Southlink, he believes that his task is not only to give updates from our partner communities but also to share stories of hope and compassion that will inspire us.