MPT South Applauz: September and October

by Ma. Jonah M. Pereyra, NOVEMBER 2022

What psychology says about gratitude?

It produces a feeling of long-lasting happiness and contentment, the physiological basis of which lies at the neurotransmitter level. When we express gratitude and receive the same, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions, and they make us feel ‘good’. 

Applauzer ApplauzeeSpecific Behavior
Gene Patrick C. De Los Santos  Ahmed Alan AdianAlways helping, teaching, and reminding me of deadlines and other work-related issues. Engr. Adian is very accommodating and willing to share his knowledge with his colleagues. 
Heinz Reimann OraisAlyssa Mher MagatExceeded our target in AUA’s by assisting in executing our contracts at the soonest possible time.  
Jeffry Del Pilar Bubot Sueta Consistent in his leadership and works without question even if he is on holiday or leaves
Mica EcheniqueCee-an Gayondato She helps the team a lot in validating CN transactions, is a reliable and flexible colleague, shows interest in their roles and duties, is eager to learn and witnessed their hard work for the implementation of MMS helpdesk. 
Louiese Christian SisonChristian’s working attitude and excellent outputs have been a great support to me and other project management sections.  
Ma. Salve F. Perez Dominique S. Matibag He is hardworking and very helpful to everyone. He is focused on his job and always delivers his obligations very well. He is also eager to assist everyone that needs him. He is one example of a really determined and honest employee that every company needs.  
Maria Miarosa E. DerriegaEmil Thomas Vadassery Always ready to help & assists us with our needs in concerns in ROW 
Kenneth Villagonzalo Emil Thomas Vadassery Supportive Leader 
Kenneth Villagonzalo Hernany Marfil He helped and guided me to improve myself at work or even outside work 
Lineth Joy P. Cabaces Erlaine A. PacantaraHas the tendency to go beyond the extra mile by being proactive in assisting the needs of our FOE contractors. 
Lineth Joy P. Cabaces Frances Mica S. Echenique She is a strong-willed and determined person which means that she will not stop trying until she had achieved the outcome needed for the work to be done. 
Celina Joyce Lazaro Gemmelyn AguillonShe’s funny and a goal-oriented co-employee. 
Celina Joyce Lazaro Jane TomotorgoListens attentively and cooperates with the team’s objectives. 
Celina Joyce Lazaro Jinkee DalisayShe always works with compassion and excitement despite tical tasks that lead her team to be more productive and goal-oriented. 
Lendle Bautista Jobel ManansalaMam Jobel helped us to balanced the manpower even some of us have emergency leave and request restday. She created a Change Shift link that every Toll Associate and Toll Specialist has Access to make request easier.
Heinz Reimann OraisJonah Pereyra Always shows good customer service for her internal customers. Assumes responsibility on some task even though it’s not her account.  
Rebecca Olivia S. Dimasacat Jonah Pereyra Very helpful and responsive to the assistance needed from her, doing the the extra mile to help employees.  
Lulu CanlasKatherine Joan Paciben Very responsive to our concerns
Rojean BaledaKatherine Joan PacibenExtending her support for the implementation of DMS in their dept 
Obella Marie Ronsairo Katherine Joan PacibenMs. Joan helped me and our department to expedite some of the RFPs and Disbursement we need. She also helped us to provide updates to our suppliers regarding check payments. 
Celina Joyce Lazaro Keith Nickcole Tolentino She helps our team by performing our deliverables even beyond office hours. 
Jinkee Dalisay Keith Nickcole Tolentino Her dedication and hard work help the team achieve our section’s objectives and targets, even when given ad hoc tasks. 
Mica Echenique Leslie Anne Saulog Inspiring others through her attitude inside and outside the workplace. 
Celina Joyce Lazaro Loraine DionisioShe knows how to make her tasks more productive and she’s always there whenever our team needs an extra hand. 
Jinkee DalisayLoraine DionisioHer dedication and hard work help the team achieve our section’s objectives and targets, even when given ad hoc tasks. 
Rebecca Olivia S. Dimasacat Ma. Leonor Angeles aka ‘SHINE’  Shine is very responsive in all requested assistance from their Team. 100% satisfied on how she handle the issues. 
Arnold Babista Marvin Seron Very supportive of all Job Orders and help Operations to sustain plaza and building in good condition. 
Lineth Joy P. Cabaces Mary Ann C. Caritativo Ms. Anne is very helpful and assistive in the billing process and procurement needs for our department. 
Charlie C. Gener Merlyne Ferrera As he is older among the team, he shared his words of wisdom that greatly influence the team to always look on the positive side for every situations in life. 
Mark Jan Benedict T. Bugagao Merlyne Ferrera Boost my morale and find his own way to help in every hard situation. 
Danilo R. Ignacio Michelle Oraa Engr. Michelle is the section head of Quantity Surveying & Cost Engineering. She works tirelessly, and unselfishly just to deliver what is required of her. She is a good leader who knows how to motivate her team. She has good working relations with various sections
Kenneth Villagonzalo Norielle Pantoja He has helped me withth the workload  
Carlos Joshua M. Calicdan Pauline Renz Villanueva The effort and flexibility of Ms. Pau in performing her assigned tasks are very commendable. She is always giving her best even though some assigned works are not included in her scope. She is very eager in learning about new things especially if some parts of her tasks are not common in her usual field. 
Mica Echenique Pauline Renz Villanueva She helps the team a lot in validating CN transactions, witnessed her hard work for the safekeeping and tracking of inventory of all toll and traffic systems equipment, policies and procedures, other tasks assigned such as PPMS, and most importantly, the implementation of MMS helpdesk. 
Celina Joyce Lazaro Rafaella Arellano Despite being the newest member of our team, she manages to bring out the best in every task that is given to her.
Celina Joyce Lazaro Ronnel G. Baso His proactive behavior keeps our tasks right on time. 
Rodel M. Sicapore Roselyn S. Panes Ms. Lyn help the CALAX Traffic Operations to process and fast-track the uniforms which resulted in earlier delivery versus target. 
Heinz Reimann Orais  Ruth Delos Santos Ownership of tasks involving the Finance Division and shows leadership in execution.  
Rea Joy Flores Zandro Bustillo Sir Jinro share his input with us in ECs Rfid replacement. Xiexie Ni 😊 
Sharmain Binarao Zandro Bustillo Very kind and accommodating sa lahat ng request and pasuyo ko. Very swift kapag merun ako request na data. always one call away sa lahat ng bagay.  





About the writer:

Ma. Jonah M. Pereyra. HRAD Specialist and a mom to my pet shih tzu, Sky.