MPT South Applauz: November and December

by Ma. Jonah M. Pereyra, JANUARY 2023

At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” – Albert Schweitzer ays about gratitude?

Applauzer (Nominator) Applauzee (Nominee) Cite a specific behavioral example of how a co-employee has helped you regardless of work unit 
Joan Miranda Aime Estanda Thank you for extending help to IC team during our events and activities. Cheers! 
Mhanny Agusto Ajay Franco for always extending extra effort in managing all artwork requests and other tasks on the side 
Heinz Reimann Orais  Akiko Malonzo Exceeded our target in AUA’s by doing the extra mile in executing our contracts the soonest possible time.  
Ma. Salve F. Perez Angel Garcia He is very accommodating and helpful towards us here in CIC whenever we have internet and techy issues. He is very approachable and pleasant with dealing with our concerns. He’s a reliable co worker and he is really one chat away if we have queries. 
Sharmaine Paglinawan Angeles Garcia III For helping out during sports fest 
ROJEAN BALEDA CAMILLE BELARMINO extending her support for the implementation of dms on their dept 
Pauline Renz P. Villanueva Cee-An C. Gayondato She is a “go-to” person—the person who can be counted on to help.  
Mica Echenique Cee-An C. Gayondato  She helps the team a lot on validating CN transactions, a reliable and flexible colleague, shows interest on their roles and duties, eager to learn, and witnessed their hardwork for the implementation of MMS helpdesk. 
Rafaela H. Arellano Celina Joyce D. Lazaro She had this professionalism at work for his co-employee, accountability to those task given, assure that all his co-employee are in a good condition. She is a happy person that gives us good vibes also at office. 
Keith Nickcole J. Tolentino Celina Joyce D. Lazaro  Ma’am Celina is a reliable coworker. She is always willing to help. She is focused on reaching a certain target and maintains calm under pressure, which is what I appreciate most about her. She is a kind and supportive friend who is always there for you outside of work. I am grateful for your willingness to assist and am confident that she will be there for me when I need her. 
Jeffry Del Pilar Dondon Acorda Showed consistent calm attitude beyond pressure at work. Extends working hours if needed. Plays at MPT South Team Very Well!!! 
Nikko Atienza Erica San Diego Very accomodating 
Pauline Renz Villanueva Frances Mica Echenique She is a true mine of information. You can ask her anything, and she’ll happily share it. Thank you so much for always answering my questions with a smile 🙂 
Lemuel Nes O. Gomez Ginalyn E. Nzima She Helps me and guides me, if there is a thing that I Don’t understand she has always been there for me, I respect her as a mentor who guides a mentee enthusiastically.  
Rafaela H. Arellano Jane P. Tomotorgo She has this humility as a co-employee, accountability for every work that gaved us. Problem solving ability to complete those task. 
Gemmelyn M. Aguillon Jinkee Dalisay Ma’am Jinkee has been a wonderful friend and mentor to me, and I’ve learned a lot from her. Ma’am Jinkee is the best boss I’ve ever had. She shared all of her knowledge with me, and I can’t tell you how much it will help me in the future. 
Rafaela H. Arellano Jinkee Dalisay  1. She is a good leader,  a good communicators to his co-employee, she had this personal resilience  
, and very Professionalism. A Persistence person and helped you for personal Goals. 
Jane P. Tomotorgo Jinkee Dalisay  She’s a very inspirational and gave the team excellent motivation to achieve our goal. She’s a leader who have an ability to resolve issues quickly and a willingness to help to her team. 
Keith Nickcole Tolentino Jinkee Dalisay  Ma’am Jinkee is such a great Revenue Assurance manager. She is my superior, and I’m extremely grateful for that. I’m thankful for everything she’s taught me. I will value every lesson that I learned since I am certain that it will benefit me in the future. She is also our mother, and we may reach her at any time. I also appreciate how she turned our failures into lessons and our stress into accomplishment. She encourages us to bring out our best selves. 
Jeffry Del Pilar John Dennis Magboo Works professionally and without hesitation. Shows improvement and flexibility when tasked to other things to provide knowledge to MPT South employees (conducts In-house Training) 
Nikko Atienza Jonah Pereyra Very accomodating. 
Jeffry T. Del Pilar Joseph Aguilar He works and follow accordingly all the instruction given to him and present himself to cover the work site even during holiday to give way to other team’s vacation. 
Chemelie Andamon  Jusua Rae Costamero  Ang “QC” na pangkalawakan….CALAX SS45678—“Master Wow” 
Jeffry Del Pilar Kimir E. Brina Works professionally and without hesitation. Shows improvement and flexibility when tasked to other things to provide knowledge to MPT South employees (conducts In-house Training) 
Danilo Ignacio Krishee Hayag Engr. Krishee is Sanitary Engineer by profession and she had been MEPF Supervisor from DMCI  to MPTS. She has extensive experience and was part of DMCI MEPF team that completed the toll plazas for subsection 5,6,7 & 8  Her lead the team working almost 24/7 at Segment 3A2 to have it fully lighted. She is a good leader that can stand alone with minor supervision, articulate and have good comprehension.  
Mica Echenique Leslie Anne Saulog Inspiring others through her attitude inside and outside the workplace. 
Gemmelyn M. Aguillon Maria Loraine Dionisio You are extremely generous with your time and volunteer to help others on a regular basis. Encouragement: I appreciate how you encouraged our team. You always treat others fairly. 
Fedelyn M. Ruiz Nathy C. Orquinaza-Delos Santos  
I am consistently amazed by your performance in providing support to other sections like unloading the bulk of variation for the approval of RS Committee.  Greatly appreciated yong willingness mo na tapos kahit midnight. This Applauz program is the best way to send thank you to you. 😊   
Sharmaine Paglinawan Nikko Atienza For helping out during the sports and training and new hire support 
Mica Echenique Pauline Renz Villanueva She helps the team a lot on validating CN transactions, witnessed her hardwork for the safe keeping and tracking of inventory of all toll and traffic systems equipment, policies and procedures, other tasks assigned such as PPMS, and most importantly, the implementation of MMS helpdesk. 
Merlyne Ferrera Mark Jan Benedict T. Bugagao Helping/giving some advice on personal matters. 
Jane P. Tomotorgo Rafaela H. Arellano She had a professionalism to her coworker. Effective and efficient when it comes to her duties and responsibility. She has a positive vibe that can make you feel easy to be work with. A helpful workmate. 
Fedelyn M. Ruiz Razelle Eldlene I. Azugui Thank you for your help in delivering the requirements of C5 SLEP project your participation plays a vital part in the opening of Segment 3A-2. You are really an asset to the team and the organization. 
Danilo R. Ignacio Rod Jay Fesalbon Engr. Rod Jay besides being a board topnotcher he shows that curricular achievement can go hand and hand with actual construction requirement. He has.deligently study the Power Distribution Line design base on his experience in Ss5,6,7,&8. His initial design help PMD CALAX to move as it is not on original scope of work. With close coordination with DCCD the design was made and submitted. Engr. Rod Jay is meticulous in his assigned tasked. He has shown good skill as a team leader. 
Mhanny Agusto Romella Corong Though outside of her JD na, she is always extending help lalo na for SAP Requests filing concerns  
Keith Nickcole Tolentino Ronnel Baso Sir Ronnel is a fantastic colleague. In the Revenue Assurance Team, he is the sole boy. He works hard and is committed to his job, which I find endearing. He has a remarkable ability to listen. He particularly makes our office more fun with his funny jokes. 
Jinkee Dalisay Ruby J. Bravo Her words of encouragement, guidance, and advice kept us sane while chasing deadlines. e’re genuinely privileged to be led by her. 
Zandro Bustillo Sharmain Binarao Always supporting team with a big smile.  
Go lang supergirl. Thank you so much.  
Nikko Atienza Sharmaine Paglinawan Very accomodating 
Salve Perez  Vidal Ramos Jr. Sir Vidal has been very helpful to us newbie in the company since he has been in the company for so long and is equiped with vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry. In this time where we don’t have sufficient service vehicle available for urgent site activity, he lends us his own vehicle without hesitation. He is the bundle of joy of our department and has been a big part of making the pressure at work bearable. I hope there would be enough recognition to all Project Based employees that served the company long enough with loyalty and integrity. It’s just sad that I don’t see any recognition and appreciation given to them. 





About the writer:

Ma. Jonah M. Pereyra. HRAD Specialist and a mom to my pet shih tzu, Sky.

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