MPT South Applauz: July and August

by Ma. Jonah M. Pereyra, OCTOBER 2022

Why gratitude is good for you?

We all have the ability to bring more focus to the people and things in our life that we are grateful for.  By putting gratitude into practice, we can cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ that can come with profound benefits to our happiness, relationships, health and well-being, and more.

Applauzer ApplauzeeSpecific Behavior
Heinz Reimann Orais Akiko MalonzoA team player. Exert extra mile to work/ task assigned.
Heinz Reimann OraisAlyssa Mher MagatThough new in the section, she embraced and owned the tasks assigned to her. resulting in the smooth operation of Vending Machine, so far.
Rojean BaledaAlyssa Mher Magat
Angel Untalan
Arlynn Papio
Camille Ginez
Mica Estrella
Mary Ann Caritativo
Mia Derriega
Ruth Delos Santos
Sittie Macabando
Tristan Azores
Romella Corong
Extending her support for the implementation of Document Management System for their Department
Mica EcheniqueCarlos Joshua CalicdanGreat leadership which helps the team a lot
Jinkee DalisayCelina Joyce D. LazaroHer dedication and hard work help the team achieve our section’s objectives and targets, even when given ad-hoc tasks.
Norielle PantojaChristian UseroMabilis magpadeliver with supplier
Mica EcheniqueClark Angelo De LeonExcellent technical and critical skills
Danilo R. IgnacioDemi Janine CamposEngr. Campos is assigned in Planning and Monitoring Section, currently she is acting as PMD CALAX tech. secretary and have been performing excellently, making minutes of meeting, coordination with various section, collating all datas for our weekly progress update reporting.
Katherine Joan PacibenDivine Mica EstrellaAs we are both new here in this company, working with her is admirable and inspiring despite handling new deliverables I really appreciated all your efforts, and dealing with everyone makes us feel secure and always lending a helping hand to me and to the team also.
Mica EcheniqueErlaine PacantaraShe is a very reliable colleague, a big helping-hand of the team
Rea Joy FloresFrezyl Lea MiroLea helps us during the 1st Friday mass in MPTSouth Hub when OMD is in charge,  even on her Rest day. Thanks, Lea
Jinkee DalisayGemmelyn M. AguillonHer dedication and hard work help the team achieve our section’s objectives and targets, even when given ad hoc tasks.
Nikko AtienzaJeffrey C. DanielI would like to nominate Sir Jeffrey C. Daniel he was so very helpful in every aspect. Truly Deserving.
Heinz Reimann OraisJenevile MolinaWe never saw Jen unwillingness to assist us with documents that needed to be signed by RLI. Always exert effort in informing us of delays, update,s and the like.
Sharmain BinaraoJinkee DalisayVery Amazing si Ms. Jinkee. Walang sawa sa kakaassist sa operations in terms sa mga data na kelangan namen for reports. Always on time and kadalasan ahead of time pa. Never missed to reply lahat ng messages namen sa dami namen na pasuyo.
Sharmain BinaraoJohn Christian UseroSuper helpful talaga saken lalo na sa mga urgent requirements ko sa TRB. Mabilis maaccomodate lahat ng PRs ko and mga advance proposal na pinapasuyo ko sa kanya. Lage mo maasahan all the time.
Divine Mica EstrellaKatherine Joan PacibenAs both of us were new in this company and in the same team, we cannot figure out how can we handle the workload we both had. But with the teamwork we’ve created, we found out how we can help each other.
Following up the pending and/or scheduled deliverables and continuous cooperation in collaborative work is always a big help I received from her.
Kit De GuzmanKimberly MadridGoes out of her way to help me and my colleagues, esp when urgently needed, even requested work is outside her responsibility
Mica EcheniqueLineth Joy CabacesHer excellent leadership drives us to accomplish our goals and objectives as a team
Heinz Reimann OraisLulu CanlasShe openly assisted us with our HR concerns and her presence is like a motherly love.
Heinz Reimann OraisJonah PereyraAlways extending a helping hand even on leave, specially on RAMCO Matter
Mica Echenique Michael Stephen BravoVery responsive and always thinks outside the box
Razelle Eldlene I. AzuguiNathy Orquinaza – Delos SantosShe was able to handle difficult situations with minimal supervision, which has been a great help as a member of the QSCE Team. The new members of the team are all new and have a little background in QS work. She is also helping me mentor one of the three junior QSs.
Mica EcheniquePitz Jepter RodilEnsures there are no major inconveniences in the field, always happy to support
Demi Janine CamposPrincess Maica De GranoI am currently trained to be tech. asst.. She helped me in so many ways when I have a lot of questions about how things work in a broader scope. I always ask her if I wrote the minutes of meeting correctly without missing items, she helps me understand better the technical issues.
Jobel ManansalaRachelle AdornadoSya ung TA na always available and willing na pumasok kahit naka restday pag kailangan ng manpower sa plaza dahil may absent. 
Rea Joy FloresRonalyn CarlosShe volunteers to help Cavitex in ECs Rfid Replacement and She Leads RFID Replacement in Calax. Thank’s Rona
Jinkee DalisayRonnel G. BasoHis dedication and hard work help the team achieve our section’s objectives and targets, even when given ad hoc tasks.
Mica EcheniqueRyan CondeAccommodating and always ready to support
Romeo AgcaoiliVaneza SoriaoShe brings excellence and raise expectations with stunning performance every time.
Easy to reach out.





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