MPT South Applauz: February

by Ma. Jonah M. Pereyra, FEBRUARY 2022

Focused on words of affirmation and helping others, this is made easy with the Applauz mechanics where employees express through words of praise or appreciation how other employees are worthy of applause.

Thirty MPT South employees were uplifted this February through words of affirmation.

Akiko Clarysse C. MalonzoFinanceHeinz R. OraisDoing the extra mile in learning the process and creating a process flow for Commercial Management. This includes learning how to do flowcharting.
Analyn C. CutamoraLegalRojean B. BuhayCoordination of required documents.
Joy S. OrigLegalAnalyn C. CutamoraSupportive Team Leader
Celina Joyce D. LazaroFinanceJinkee P. Dalisay &
Keith Nickcole J. Tolentino
Celine always finds ways of improving the RA’s current processes and shares her knowledge with the RA group.
As a newly hired employee, she helped me in many ways; in work, love life related, and everything. She’s like my sister to another mother. She pushed me to do better 🙂
Emil Thomas S. VadasserySupply Chain ManagementKenneth M. VillagonzaloHe helps me in making a decision to solve a problem.
Engelbert L. PerdigonOperations ManagementJosephine T. TablizoHelpful to co-workers, observant
Erica B. San DiegoHuman Resources & AdministrationAnalyn C. CutamoraReliable, dependable, and always willing to assist.
Gerick L. De GuzmanOperations ManagementArlynn B. PapioFor being an officer-in-charge when Traffic Supervisors are on quarantine or emergency leave, he can provide the reports needed by Traffic Operations.
Ingrid Von D. LazoSupply Chain Management Carousiel D. LimonBeing a project employee is not an exemption to her objectives. She is willing to provide assistance to her MPTC Accreditation team. Very well versed in leading the Virtual Site Visit inspection. She always acts with a sense of ownership and urgency.
Jean D. RavinaFinanceSunshine L. AlejandroShe’s very helpful in all ways possible. She encourages and teaches us ways to accomplish our tasks, as well as lead the whole team for better teamwork and team goals. She is the one who initiates the whole team on how to work on our reports/tasks.
Jettyford F. BuenoOperations ManagementRea Joy K. FloresHe is always ready to help if we request help from him since he is the most experienced in managing Toll Road.
Jezrael B. BonquinLegalAnalyn C. CutamoraTeam player, reliable and accommodating.
Jinkee P. Dalisay
FinanceCelina Joyce D. Lazaro, Keith Nickcole J. Tolentino, & Ronnel G. BasoKapag di ko po maintindihan yung gagawin, kahit may ginagawa po si Maa’m ay agad nya akong tinuturuan, napakahaba po ng pasensya sa lahat ng bagay. Kahit outside work she’s willing to help in times of need. She’s my idol!
Positive leadership and embracing each and everyone’s weaknesses and strengths. Helping the team to be more productive and goal-oriented.
If there is any clarification, it is extremely simple to say.
Jonah M. PereyraHuman Resources & AdministrationAnalyn C. Cutamora &
Rojean B. Buhay
Helpful and reliable.

Always assist on payroll / HCMS matters
Josephine T. TablizoOperations ManagementEngelbert L. PerdigonHelpful to co-workers, Always calm in hard situation.
Keith Nickcole J. TolentinoFinance Jinkee P. Dalisay & Celina Joyce D. LazaroWhen Celine got sick, she assisted her and even accompanied her to our clinic and ensure everything was okay before leaving her.
Reliable teammate.
Marcial P. Bernales Jr.LegalAnalyn C. CutamoraSupportive and dependable Team Leader.
Marie Fe B. SitonLegalAnalyn C. CutamoraHelpful and supportive Team Leader.
Neal Jairus V. TolibasTollways Development & EngineeringHeinz R. OraisFor supporting Commercial Management Requirement to review, proposed engineering solutions to various Non-Toll Projects
Norielle A. PantojaSupply Chain ManagementKenneth M. VillagonzaloHe helps me in making a decision to solve a problem.
Novie A. AtimSupply Chain Management Carousiel D. LimonReady to listen on all issues may it be negative or positive and if it is negative she is very eager to explore a ling term solution. Brings good vibes to the team.
Obella Marie D. RonsairoSupply Chain ManagementCarousiel D. LimonA great and helpful EA of SCM.
Patrick Dave F. EbidLegalAnalyn C. CutamoraSupportive and reliable Team Leader.
Rhosecelle J. GaringTollways Development & EngineeringTamara O. BautistaAssist me in every request I asked her and she helps others in every way she can.
Rojean B. BuhayTollways Development & EngineeringCarousiel D. Limon & Analyn C. CutamoraVery accommodating to our team.
Ms. Rojean is approachable and always willing to assist even after office hours.
Romella L. CorongSupply Chain ManagementCharisse S. Alfaro & Iris D. PangilinanAlways willing to help.
She’s always, anytime, helping me when I have concerns regarding SAP.
Ronnel G. BasoFinanceKeith Nickcole J. Tolentino, Celina Joyce D. Lazaro, & Jinkee P. DalisayHe helped us to work happily especially when we were stressed. He’s our happy pill.
Despite being the newest member of the department, Sir Ronnel supports the team by providing the necessary documents.
Ronnel helped me in delivering my support to one of our employees, even though it was not on his usual route going home.
Rose Ann G. JavilinarTollways Development & EngineeringCharisse S. AlfaroAccommodating and very responsive to inquiries
Roselyn S. PanesSupply Chain ManagementCarousiel D. Limon, Charisse S. Alfaro, & Beverly C. OlivarezAlways extending help and ready to go the extra mile.
Easy to approach, very responsive to queries.
She extends her assistance to help and deliver the urgency of the document for submission to meet the deadline during my quarantine days. Thank you so much, Ma’am Lyn 🙂
Sharmaine D. PaglinawanHuman Resources & AdministrationRojean B. BuhayAssist on HCMS – performance evaluation process.

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About the writer:

Ma. Jonah M. Pereyra. HRAD Specialist and a mom to my pet shih tzu, Sky.