MoBUILDlity 2022

MPTC|MPT Mobility Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

By: Giesel A. Salon, Communications Specialist, Group Branding and Communication, MPTC

Last October 21, 2022, MPTC and MPT Mobility mounted a Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue entitled, “MoBUILDlity 2022: Synergized, Smart, Sustainable”. Held at Sheraton Manila hotel, the event gathered infrastructure leaders, legislative representatives, LGU officials, and interest groups – all partners in building smart urban mobility (SUM) infrastructure.

It was in MoBUILDlity that MPTC said we’re ready to meet the challenge of developing synergized, smart, and sustainable mobility solutions. After all, we’re transforming the business in response to, and in anticipation of, the changing demand of the customers.

REF welcomed around 200 guests that afternoon. He underscored that any significant citywide technology initiative and implementation takes vision, investment, careful planning, and cooperation to ensure adoption and success. And that there is demand from the public for institutions (like us!) to provide a better quality of life as they move about and around the metro. It is this customer demand that we respond to with SUM.

Former Chief Engineer of Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, Dr. Chin Kian Keong, shared how intelligent mobility forged Singapore into the ideal smart city and how Singapore overcame key challenges to achieve quality-of-life objectives.

He talked about how Singapore managed congestion and was able to improve customer experience despite high travel demand, land constraints, manpower issues, and an aging population. Aside from implementing integrated transport systems with the aid of data and technology, Singapore encouraged its people to use public transportation and shift to active mobility for transport such as walking and cycling for short distances to decrease dependence on private transport- ensuring its constituent’s safe journeys and maintaining the quality of life.

He said we should look at it from the whole spectrum of transport. That means the need to provide infrastructure, good service, public transport, bus network, and human management – all these have to work hand-in-hand.​

To speak from a Philippine transportation viewpoint, DOTr  Sec. Jaime Bautista talked about the agency’s plans, projects, and priorities on integrated and intelligent mobility networks and public transportation in the Philippines intended to provide the masses with safe, affordable, convenient, and accessible transportation.

Per Sec. Jimmy, to equip and enable the entire transportation sector for mobility needs equal attention from aviation and airports, maritime, roads, and railways, and the agency on top of it to provide people’s evolving mobility requirements.

President of the Management Association of the Philippines, Mr. Rogelio “Babes” L. Singson joined the panel discussion. He pressed on utilizing intelligent and integrated system solutions, including infrastructure, to support smart urban mobility in sustaining the country’s economic recovery.

City Mayor of Sta. Rosa Laguna joined the event virtually and shared the strategies as she moves to make Sta. Rosa a sustainable and smart city.

She spoke about multi-nodal development, transport-oriented development, inclusive and sustainable development, and smart city initiatives.

Acting Managing Director of McKinsey & Company, Mr. Jon Canto, discussed the impact of smart mobility strategies on quality of life. He dwelled on the basic yet vital benefits of mobility to people’s lives and statuses such as the time of commute affecting productivity, fare costs, travel distance, and considering environmental effects of carbon emissions and noise pollution. “Mobility can unlock and address transport challenges. Electorate can also be actively engaged in the development of mobility initiatives as these initiatives produce benefits for better customer experience,” he added.

Manila Transport Planning Lead, ARUP, Ms. Lize de Beer shared her expertise and knowledge about the challenges of implementing SUM, and emphasized how these can be addressed by collaboration among LGUs, the private sector, and the public.

After the 3 speakers, Chief for National Quality and Competitiveness Division of the DTI, Ms. Ma. Sheryl Santos, joined the panel discussion. She mentioned how DTI assesses competitive LGUs thru a data-driven program and evaluates them according to the productivity of the locality based on 5 competitiveness pillars such as government efficiency, economic dynamism, resiliency, infrastructure, and innovation.

Sta. Rosa City, Laguna Environmental Planner and City Planning and Development Coordinator Mr. Ermin Lucino joined virtually the panel discussion and answered the question about the indicators that LGUs’ must consider in creating a smart city roadmap.

He said that one indicator is ISO 37120-2018 under sustainable cities and communities these are indicators for city services and qualities of life and another one is ISO 37122-2019 under sustainable cities and communities- indicators for smart cities. Sta. Rosa is looking at global standards as they thrive to be a global smart city.

MPIC’s Head of Government Relations and Public Affairs and Head of MVP Group Media Bureau, Atty. Michael Toledo closed MoBUILDlity and commended MPTC and the speakers for blazing the trail towards building SUM. “Acknowledging that there is no single solution, we need to collaborate, work hand-in-hand, and integrate strategies that will help give people a better quality of life and mobility experience,” he said.

(L-R) Mr. Rogelio L. Singson, President, Management Association of the Philippines; Mr. Jon Canto, Acting Managing Director, McKinsey & Company, PH; Panel reactor Hon. Lilian G. Salonga, Director for Competitiveness Bureau, Department of Trade & Industry; Mr. Rodrigo E. Franco, President and CEO, Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation; Ms. Lize de Beer, Manila Transport Planning Lead, ARUP; Dr. Chin Kian Keong, Former Chief Engineer, Land Transport Authority, Government of Singapore; Atty. Mike Toledo, Head of Government Relations and Public Affairs Metro Pacific Investments Corporation.
(L-R) Mr. Rogelio L. Singson, President, Management Association of the Philippines; and speakers Hon. Jaime J. Bautista, Secretary, Department of Transportation; Mr. Rodrigo E. Franco, President and CEO, Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation; Dr. Chin Kian Keong, Former Chief Engineer, Land Transport Authority, Government of Singapore.



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