Mobile Apps on Healthy Lifestyle

by Honey Mae Simeon, JULY 2022

Many of us desire to live a healthy lifestyle but struggle to implement and maintain it due to a variety of factors and restrictions, including a lack of motivation, accountability, support, resources, and health problems. The willingness to change is the most crucial step to take because changes in lifestyle are first difficult; changing people’s attitudes is likely the hardest thing to do. 

Here is an application that can inspire you to change your daily routines and help you lead a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Headspace

You may control your anxiety and sleep using this software while also practicing meditation. It is among the greatest healthy lifestyle applications for promoting happiness, stress-free living, and restful sleep.  This is one of the best applications for improving your life with motivational stories and mind-expanding workouts, offering guided meditations and focused music. Simply download this application it is available in the play store and in the apple store for the greatest health advice for your anxiety, advance personally, and improve your whole mind-body health. breathe deeply, quiet our minds, and lead a life devoid of interruptions.

  • Step Counter – Pedometer

 This is the best lose weight app-step tracker you may ever have if you’re looking for a program to track your weight loss and steps. One of the amazing apps for leading a healthy lifestyle, it allows you to keep track of your walking distance, duration, and calories burned. The app features a built-in sensor that counts your steps and can easily connect your data with Google Fit and Samsung Health. The app was available in the Play Store and Apple Store.

  • Heath Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer

One of the best applications for leading a healthy lifestyle and helping you stay active and healthy is Health Pal. For you to attain and lead a healthy lifestyle, it contains all the functions that record and control your daily routines, such as walking, cycling, daily water intake, calorie consumption, etc.

Health Pal provides you with real-time status and Health reports of your daily activities and includes features like water and diet reminders. It compiles information about your exercise, food, and numerous other health resources in one location. For your everyday fitness and health, the fitness app is also fully furnished with a pedometer, home workout routines, weight loss tracker, food search, and exercise tracker. The notable features of this app are BMI, energy expenditure, blood volume, and alcohol calculator. This app was available in the play store and apple store.

  • HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter, Diet Plan

This diet software includes regular exercise and weight loss challenges with friends. It’s simple to lose weight. With health information, activity monitors, and a customized eating plan, the calorie counter in this weight loss training app assists you in losing weight and getting in shape. Allow your calorie counter, diet plan, and nutrition calculator to assist you in achieving your weight reduction objectives. This comprehensive training software features no equipment at home workout videos for both sexes that give full body exercises.

The world’s first AI-powered nutritionist, Ria, who is powered by more than 200 million food and exercise data, can also provide you with 24/7 individualized health and weight loss advice. On your diet and exercise regimen, you can receive immediate responses, insights, and comments.

  • Timely App

The timely app is an automatic time management tool that keeps track of how long tasks take and facilitates effective workweek planning. To estimate how much time they will need to put aside each day to finish their activities, all one needs to do is provide their workweek in advance. The timely software keeps track of everything you do while using its Memory Tracker, provides a realistic image of how much time it takes to complete projects, holds users responsible for time they set apart from work, creates time entries for the work that is logged, and generates reports for simple sharing with others.

Your customized diet, exercise routines, and mental health awareness allow you to control your health conditions (such as diabetes, thyroid disease, PCOS, high cholesterol, and hypertension) and support the body’s immune system in the battle against bacterial and viral infections. Never forget that “Your Health is Your Wealth”.




About the writer:

Honey Mae Simeon . Silently working to achieve the goal. Believes that the only limit to achieving one’s dream is ourselves. Hiking is my stress reliever, nature’s serenity and beauty is my peace, and the winds are the music of my soul