Message from MPTC CIO Carlo L. Cagalingan

Innovation as part of MPTC culture

The entire raison d’être* or reason for being of the Technology Organization across the Group is hinged on innovation. How can we make things more efficient for us? What are the disruptions we need to do in our organization? How can we make quick, yet intelligent, informed decisions? Are we agile enough to get to survive as a company in the world dominated by Digital Assets?

Externally, how can we delight further our customers? How to we respond to their need? To their want? To their aspiration?

“Innovation” being one of the core values truly defines us MPTC employees. Our core values perfectly embody our employee culture. Personally, in my decades of working experience, it excites my heart to find that innovation is strong in our company. Encouraged. Practiced.

The Innovation Olympics pa nga lang—spearheaded by your very own HR Head, Sigrid Shun– the engagement it got since it started in 2017, showed that innovation is in the blood and breath of everybody. We shall be reviving that soon.

When the pandemic struck, and struck our company bad, we needed a major pivot. We needed to innovate, inside and out. And we know we needed to revolutionize our customers’ experience.

Remember when we had to be remote workers overnight?  In our WFH setup alone we have OneDrive, remote access, network availability, wireless hardware connections, My Well Being app. We have made major strides in digitization of our systems and processes. Add in data lake and business intelligence, which is ongoing.

When the government mandated 100% RFID, imagine the amount of work we had to do in our systems —contactless, cashless acquisition, account management and reloading – in such a short period of time. All of this was made possible because we have migrated most of our core system to the cloud.

But we are not stopping there. We are gearing for ALPR as our primary reader for all our lanes, and in the future, the Open Road Tolling (ORT). All driven by technology. We are implementing a new architecture for our Toll Collection System and Account Management System for CCLEX.

In our Digital front, we are now doing a new mobile app with the goal of enhancing motorist experience. There are also a lot of new business solutions going into the mobility infrastructure arena.

Innovation for innovation’s sake is dangerous, however. Innovation should be meaningful with value created for the company, its people, and its customers. Without this anchor, we will not get to support the strategies of the company.

An old Chinese proverb paints a good picture of innovation in my mind, “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls while others build windmills.“ And, boy, the innovative windmills that we build at MPTC will turn challenges into power. Be with us when it happens.

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