Message from MPT South SCRM Head Dacky G. Casino

The value of integrity is, perhaps, among all of our corporate values, the one that has been taught to and instilled in us since we were children. This is because it encompasses the value of honesty. As we grew older, we came to understand it as encompassing and connoting fair dealing, transparency, and good faith.

At the workplace, it is the most “enshrined” value with the existence of process controls, the code of conduct; corporate governance policies and guidelines on conflict of interest, gifts policy, to name some. These focus not only on upholding the integrity of the individual but also of the organization’s.

But why is this so? What is the value of integrity to an organization in general, and specifically to the Tollways group?

Integrity is the foundation upon which trust is built, and trust is the foundation of relationships, and the workplace is essentially defined by relationships, between superiors and subordinates, peers, external and internal parties, etc.

Employees who have and practice integrity are honest about the mistakes they make and take responsibility for them. They give credit where credit is due. They do not undermine one another. They put in their share of the work and do the best they can. They treat one another fairly and respectfully. The foregoing creates an atmosphere and culture of ownership, accountability, and transparency which become the basis of strong working relationships which lead to better teamwork, creativity, and excellence, knowing that one’s ideas, hard work, and contributions will be acknowledged and appreciated. Ultimately, it will make for a better organization.

An organization whose employees are steeped in the value of integrity will then, naturally, be able to deliver upon its value proposition. For the Tollways group, we will be able to deliver upon our customer value proposition of committing and creating a positive experience for our motorists.

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