Message from MPT South SCMI Head Andrew E. Dimaano

Innovation: A Human Metamorphosis

Change is often touted as a constant or an inevitability. Nature exhibits itself as the most primordial and authentic example of this in a plethora of ways – a tree that sheds its leaves or bears fruit, a mountain that crumbles into plains, or a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. It is a natural part of life yet is an incredibly drastic portrayal of change. For people like us, however, change is, instead, a lot more subtle at first glance. It is true that we grow from children to adults, receive scars, develop wrinkles, and lose our hair🤔, but we remain our same, recognizable selves to our own and to others. No matter how much we may change in physical appearance, it does not change the fact that we are ourselves. Instead, exacting true change comes from one particular core value: innovation.

It is not in what we look like or how we think but in what we create that tests our mettle and exercises our individuality. When one seeks to innovate – that is, to open themselves to new ideas, to challenge the conventions, and to stretch their creativity to the broadest lengths – then one gives themselves the opportunity to grasp change for the better. A human metamorphosis, where we shed our worries like dead leaves and bear good fruit in our honest work, where we step down from atop arrogance and ground ourselves in humble reality, and where we learn to pick ourselves up off the ground and fly. Innovation in the workplace paves the way for change along the lines of improving ourselves and our work processes, attaining efficiency and effectiveness as a result of our progress. Innovation brings about a drastic change not just in ourselves but in others around us, especially in the workplace, as anybody who has embodied innovation in their work becomes far more unrecognizable than with any conceivable physical difference.

The way we work in MPT South involves a lot of Innovation. Our Company cannot thrive and become sustainable if we just live with the status quo. The pandemic affected all aspects of our lives and changed the way we do things. Our Company is one of the hardest-hit businesses as lockdowns and fear of getting infected by Covid-19 constrained our physical mobility. These realizations gave us the opportunity to innovate in MPTC Group and in MPT South as a business unit. Digital transformation initiatives have been accelerated to address the needs of our customers and our organization during the pandemic and under the new normal. Conducting business meetings and conferences via virtual platforms, enhancing our Electronic Toll Collection system for efficiency and safety reasons, implementing Drive Hub application to connect our products and services with the motorists are just some innovations making us true to our mission, vision, and core values that we hold dear. Our Hub has just been awarded the GOLD Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as employees and the Company benefit from its green environment features and energy-saving innovations. The Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV Charging Station installed in the Hub are proof that we are committed to reducing carbon emissions as we are embedding the culture of Sustainability. Innovation is indeed glowing in MPT South.

As a consequence, innovation benefits everyone in the workplace through the acknowledgment and validation of the employees’ thoughts, ideas, opinions by always keeping an open mind and hearing them out, and subsequently enacting a potential change from everyone’s collective input. Innovation welcomes a change of pace and challenges these conventions to see whether optimum performance and peak potential are truly being achieved. Along these lines, we are all encouraged to continuously bring out our creative efforts so as to break up the monotony of traditional processes and spark an enjoyable work setting for everyone involved.

If we are seeking to further embody innovation as one of our core values, then an opportunity presents itself: this National Women’s Day, we celebrate all the women around the world, women who have consistently innovated in their work, no matter what the nature of such work may be. We can take the time to honor and acknowledge the efforts of the female innovators who have impacted our lives for the better, whether it be Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson and her breakthroughs in telecommunications research, Grace Hopper who invented the first computer, or our mothers, sisters, and friends who have ceaselessly improved themselves and others’ lives with the work that they do. In their name, let us all strive to do the same and undergo our own metamorphosis through the core value of innovation. To all my female co-employees, Happy National Women’s Day!😍

God bless MPT South Family!

ANDREW E. DIMAANO, AVP-Supply Chain Management and Insurance