Message from MPT South President and GM Raul L. Ignacio

 Season Greetings, MPT South!

This is a good time to look back and reflect on how it has been for us this year. We’ve attained significant success in our critical endeavors in operations, toll rate adjustment for the first time in Cavitex Segment 1, and the completion and opening of Segment 3A2. These are major achievements that supported our revenue this year. I would like to congratulate everyone on these achievements. Along with these achievements we also hurdled some challenges and changes in the past months- changes in our organization, and changes in our contractors/vendors to name a few. We also faced a lot of challenges in our operations in Cavitex that have been a source of inconvenience to our motorists. And these concerns had to be addressed immediately.

We have also undergone several changes these past months. Some of them are sometimes difficult to grasp and implement but these are necessary to attain our aspiration of success and significance in our group. These changes motivated us to continue to live out what our team, and our company stands for. Despite trying times, we were able to pull through and emerged to be a more resilient and unified team. Our challenge is to continue working collectively as a team- to plan, organize, establish, develop, implement, and evaluate our game plan.

As we celebrate the Christmas season, allow me to share a couple of wishes I have for all of us

  1. May we continue to live out the spirit of gratitude- just as we are grateful that Christ was born for us, may we always be grateful for all the blessings that come our way- be it in our personal or professional life. Blessings come in different packages/wrappings- some are expected and others are not. Challenges are also blessings. When we triumph over these challenges, we become stronger and more resilient, ready to take in more challenges.
  2. As we continue to be blessed, may we always be grounded in our values and principles. Let us always remember what we consider to be important to us,

what we personally uphold, and what our company/team upholds, and live out these values. Being grounded also means being humble. Just as Christ was humble enough to be born and suffer like us, may we also be humble, open, and receptive to learning opportunities that may come along our way, be it on our personal or professional alike.

Thank you for all your help, for sharing your expertise, and for showing your commitment and dedication to our team. When difficulties arise, I believe that together we will pull through.

Merry Peaceful Christmas to you and your family!