Message from MPT South President and GM Bobby V. Bontia

This is the 3rd consecutive year I have been allowed to deliver a message for the January edition of our SOUTHLINK Newsletter. The theme I would like to focus on for the first month of 2021 is no different from the ones I wrote to you last 2019 and 2020. 

But the relevance and urgency we all need to put in its translation to our respective processes resonate louder particularly in light of the challenges and issues we were faced with last year. 

I am referring to our value on “Customer Focus”. To refresh all of us, our Group officially describes the value as always keeping in mind we serve the general public… our motorists, and hence we must go out of our way to anticipate their needs and make their journeys more efficient.  

However it became apparent we have not truly translated our definition of this value to where it should matter – to and for our customers!  

The events that unfolded in the last quarter of 2020 made it clear our value proposition to our customers must go beyond articulation.  

And beyond articulation means we identify exactly the pain points and concerns of our customers in their experience using our facilities. 

This should likewise indicate the actions and adjustments needed to be done into the customer front line services, back end, and support functions across our entire organization. In turn, all of these must find a proper cadence of implementation and corresponding feedback mechanism by which our customers could inform us if we are indeed measuring up to their expectations.

The events of last year served as a catalyst for us to cycle back, redefine, and set to improve the execution of our “Customer Focus” as a value. 

This is still a process to be completed but undoubtedly has become a priority for all of us to undertake. In the final analysis, the consistent delivery of our customer value proposition is the only means by which we could eventually fulfill our higher purpose as an organization.    



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