Message from MPT South Corporate Finance Head Andrew E. Dimaano

Teamwork is one of the core values that is highly visible to MPT South organization. Our successes at work have been largely associated with the level of commitment and conscious effort by the people in the organization who believe in the spirit of teamwork. We will not be where we are now in MPT South Hub without teamwork. CALAx, C5 Southlink and R1 Enhancement projects, despite the challenges and difficulties brought about by the pandemic and other external factors, may not have been partially completed without teamwork.

There is no shortage of analogies that attempt to capture the best essence of teamwork. Maybe it could be likened to a colony of ants, a tremendous number of workers solely dedicated to the betterment of the anthill. Perhaps it could also be like wolves, looking out for each other in packs and displaying ferocity for survival. There are also geese, flying in formation to reach any location, no matter the distance. For each of these examples, however, there is a hidden merit involved in its success. The ants understand that they can tackle problems quite literally bigger than they are if they all lend a hand in doing the work together. The wolves understand the importance of fostering social bonds and do their best to communicate with one another. The geese understand that leadership can be flexible and are ready to take the initiative of flying in front when necessary. As much as this splendor of nature is a sight to behold, however, there is nothing more awe-inspiring than the realization that teamwork, at its best, is when all of these aspects are combined. When these combined aspects of Teamwork are embedded in all of us, we can be a solid force that is hard to break. As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. If I were to sum it up in a word, it would be solidarity – perhaps that is the true merit of Teamwork.

             God bless MPT South!


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