Message from CSM Head Arlette C. Capistrano


This issue we would like to highlight one of the essential things we must all do, BUILD CAPABILITIES. Building capabilities will allow employees to effectively perform their current work assignments while preparing for challenges in the future.

Now one may ask, isn’t competency the same thing? Competency is about what one can do now in the workplace, the knowledge and necessary skills possessed to do one’s job. Capability is when the knowledge and skills are integrated, adapting and adjusting to meet future needs.

Currently, the market is filled with uncertainty and competition. Building our capabilities is a great strategy to prepare ourselves for the unforeseen future.


  1. Map out your learning and development (L&D) plan with your leaders. Make sure that the L&D will help you towards your career goal.
  2. Have a mentor. Mentors matter, being human, connections matter, and generally, we learn best from others. An example is shadowing an employee, the more knowledgeable employee showing how things are done to a new member is an excellent example of a mentor–mentee scenario. Remember that mentoring is not always done in a formal setup.
  3. Determine your goals, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and talents, by understanding yourself, it will be easier for you to discuss with your leaders how you would like to prepare for the future. Leaders in turn listen and keep open communication to understand situations that employees may be into.
  4. Constantly challenge yourself, and remember you are only as good as your last success.


We employees both as individuals or in teams are #1. As with our capabilities are the heart of every organization. Let us always remember that we are the links to create a chain of success. Let us always strive to be a strong link for the organization. Let us equip ourselves for the future and keep forging ourselves by learning and building ourselves, and our capabilities.

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