Message from Chief HR Officer Lea M. Wong

I recently attended a roundtable meeting with our employees in the MPTC Group.  At the start of the session, each of the participants was asked to introduce him/herself and answer the question:

“What values did your parents teach you that you have passed on/ or would want to pass on to your kids.”

A number of participants answered respect; Respeto sa nakatatanda (respect for the elders), respeto sa kapwa-tao (respect for others), respeto sa magulang (respect for parents).  Some answered honesty and integrity;  maging patas (fair) huwag manlalamang sa kapwa (Do not step on others), pangalagaan ang pangalan (protect your integrity).  I was amazed at the responses of each one of them.  I felt their gratitude to their parents for teaching them values that shaped and helped them in their life journey.  Listening to them made me think long and hard about the many values I learned from my parents.  My answer gets solidified as my turn to respond gets nearer and nearer.  My response was HARD WORK. 

My father and mother’s hard work sent my siblings and me to school. My parents were not preachy.  I don’t remember them telling us what we need to do to succeed.    They taught us by showing us.  Both my mom and dad worked very hard to give us better lives.  The value of hard work was instilled in me.  I studied hard and worked hard.  

The value of hard work is akin to excellence.   You work hard to turn out quality work.  You work hard to know more. You work hard to achieve your goals. I hope to one day, like my parents, lead by example and show my kids the value of hard work and how it can lead to future excellence and success. 

So, when asked what my kids and grandkids want me to be remembered for, I want them to remember me as a hard-working woman, led by integrity and kindness just as my parents had taught me.