Managing Feedback: A 2-hour Webinar

by Sharmaine D. Paglinawan, FEBRUARY 2022

Feedback is an integral part of an employees’ growth and development in the workplace. Constructive feedback provides an opportunity to learn and re-align one’s work conduct with what is demanded by the job. Being open to criticism is an important attitude that must be acquired by each employee.

With this, MPTSMC held a 2-hour webinar that kicked off last February 10, 2022. This program focuses on how to effectively receive feedback that could help improve the performance and productivity of the employees. It was facilitated by Ms. Trixy Gabriel and Mr. Adam Bautista of Benchmark Consulting. They were also the coaches who led the Giving Feedback workshop intended for the leaders.

A total of 59 employees attended the first batch of the webinar

Another 61 employees attended the 2nd run. The last batch of the program will be on the 3rd of March.

Here are some of the comments and key learnings from the 2 batches of attendees:

“KUDOS TO THE ORGANIZERS / SPEAKERS! They were so engaging and alive for the whole session. No dead air, and sobrang alam nila how to explain concepts in a way na maiintindihan ng normal na tao. I love it!”

“When you give receive feedback it is a two-way process be considerate and always be ready”

“I learn that one must be positive to all feedback that you hear and also don’t take it as a bad comment instead make it inspiration to improve more to yourself.”

“discussions are fruitful”

“So happy to have this feedback managing session”

“nice coaching team, it will make you want to listen, I can just leave my laptop on and pretend to listen, but with them facilitating, it’s impossible not to listen”

“This session was nice and will definitely guide us on how to be positive on receiving and giving feedback”

Thankful for the opportunities to undergo this kind-of training that make us develop our skills in handling personnel to make a better relationship and improvement in the work environment.


“Personally, ang saya po dahil may mga ganitong kind ng seminar, it truly help a lot po talaga para ma grow ang aking personality.”




About the writer:

Sharmaine D. Pinagliwana. Psychology graduate from Cavite State University. Cat and dog lover. Terrible dancer who memorizes Eminem’s rap songs.