Lutang Moments at Work

by Lulu G. Canlas, MAY 2021

Did you know that May 1 in the Philippines is significant for two reasons: it is both a religious and a secular holiday. The religious significance is that it is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. As a secular holiday, it was the result of the labor union movement to celebrate the economic and social significance of workers.  The first May 1st celebration was held in 1903, under the Union Obrero Democratica de Filipinas (UODF). 

Today’s workplace is a challenging place. Change is constant due to reorganizations, transfers, and individual job changes. Most of us are juggling multiple priorities, sometimes with limited resources resulting to what we Filipinos call, lutang moments.

What does it mean in English slang usage?

When one refers to someone/themselves as “lutang”, they usually mean to convey their current state of frivolity, or their lack of organization, both in terms of mind and matter. *It is also used as an excuse for mental block. Example:

*“How was the test?”
“Dude I couldn’t answer anything for like 20 minutes, I was so lutang.”

In line with May 1 celebration, we asked MPT South employees what are their lutang moments at work. And, here are the top responses.

  1. When doing tasks
Rojean B. BaledaDocuments ControlNagaantay ako sa harap printer almost 10mins na nagtataka ako bat wala na-print yun pala di ko naman na-hit yung print button 😀
Dennis A. de LunaProject ManagementWhen doing simultaneous tasks because of simultaneous projects I have handled.
Ronald M. EscarosProject Management‘LUTANG’ ung nakikipag tagisan ka sa tigas ng ulo ng contractor naming mga instsik po.
Jettyford F. BuenoTraffic OperationsForgot updating Social Media Traffic updates, sabay may ALB Hit, may tawag sa CP, habang may nagrereport sa base radio for encoding sa TMCS for incident encoding, natulala, lutang po.
Eugenio S. EstoqueTraffic OperationsAttending 4-5 hours straight zoom meeting 🤪

2. When you forgot something

Rodessa B. DimapilisFinanceEveryday sa office is lutang day 😆😆😆😆. Yung time na… yung si ma’m badeth ang tinatawag/kinakausap tapos ako ang biglang sumagot.
Antoniette T. AndulanCSMMadami! can’t remember :p  
Arnold A. BabistaToll OperationsNakalimutan ko na holiday pala pero pumasok ako. 
Jomina D. SaflorProject ManagementPumasok sa work na hindi nadala yung laptop. HAHAHHAAH

3. When you are lacking in sleep

Heinz R. OraisFinanceI dont exactly remember a specific situation, but I’m usually lutang when i didn’t get enough sleep.  🙂 
Leziel Joy G. BandiolaCABEXPag walang tulog! HAHA! I am not used sa puyat so everytime na hindi ako nakakatulog ng maayos lagi ako lutang haha. 
Rea Joy K. FloresToll OperationsDahil sa antok ko from GY duty, ginawa kong facial wash ang pH Care pag uwi ko bago matulog.





About the writer:

Lulu G. Canlas. A kindhearted individual who helps others express their feelings, shake off their burden through the power of writing and expressing their thought.

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