Love Pets, Save Lives

by Debbie Jane P. Baladad, AUGUST 2022

Are you a pet lover? How do you show your love and care to your pets? One way is through spaying or neutering “kapon” process. The choice to spay or neuter your pet may be one of the most important decisions you will make impacting their long-term health – and the community as well!

Love Pets, Save Lives Program is one of MPT South’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts which focuses on minimizing animal population control thus, reducing stray animals wandering in the roadways. It has partnered with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in implementing its objectives through conducting free spaying and neutering services for dogs and cats in the host communities of Cavitex, C5-Link and Calax.

Last July 31, 2022, Love Pets, Save Lives Program successfully launched its second Kapon Outreach at Barangay Zapote V, Bacoor City. A total of 124 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered during that time. Pet owners patiently stayed on their queue and waited for their turn before being accommodated by the committees. To be eligible for spaying/neutering, one must follow the rules below:

  • Cat or dog should be atleast 6 months to 4 years old;
  • Cat or dog should be healthy; and
  • Do not feed them food or water eight (8) hours prior to surgery. It is best to put them in their crate or ensure that they have no access to their food and water bowls by 10pm before the day of the surgery.

Love Pets, Save Lives also partnered with Bacoor City Veterinary Services office to conduct free anti-rabies vaccination leaded by Dr. Ella Mae Gandia and her team. A total of 100 cats and dogs were fully vaccinated against rabies.

This only proves that pet owners understand the benefits of spaying and neutering. These include the following:

  • It reduces the chances of breast cancer, uterine infections, pyometra for females and testicular cancer for males;
  • No more heat cycles and behavioral changes, resulting in a happier and well-adjusted temperament;
  • No more urges to find a mate, which reduces the tendency to leave the house and be exposed to harm;
  • Reduced or eliminated habit of spraying and marking, as well dog fights and cat fights among males;
  • Reduced number of unwanted pets in your community, which will decrease the number of homeless and starving animals, bite incidences, and euthanasia.

Animals live longer when spayed or neutered! When you spay or neuter your pet, not only are you giving them a better, healthier life – you are also doing your part in curbing the stray animal population in the community.





About the writer:

Debbie Jane P. Baladad. A pure Manilena, she is a lover of milk teas, naps, and ballpoint pens. She also finds addiction to watching movies and land transfers. Currently finding the enthusiasm in writing articles.