Love Notes

by Leziel G. Bandiola, FEBRUARY 2021

What is love?

When I was young, I always thought that love is
a happy magical feeling like a fairy tale.
Happy feelings, happy thought, gifts, travelling the world together…

Growing up, I though at the age of 20’s I can marry the man of my life
have our own life and travel the world.
but 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. still the prince charming is still missing in action.

And yeah, I remember life will not always give us what we really have imagined things to be.
Am I that ugly? or just am too complicated to be with? Whats wrong with me?
What I keep on thinking, maybe love is not really for me.

But on God’s perfect timing, He make all things beautiful.
During the waiting God allows me to enjoy His presence, my family and myself,
So that when the right person will come along I could have extend the love that I found during my waiting.
In this moment of trusting, I learned to thank God for all our heartaches and heart breaks that leads our path together.
How precious it is to see that even valleys and tears are part of the Kolaidoscope.

When I though that office hours would limit me to met new people,
He exactly put that right person in my workplace where I can spend so much time to know him better.
When my timing had already been long overdue, God reminded me that He has his own
perfect time, the best time He knows that we can handle things.

God showed me, that things impossible for me is possible for Him.

When people throws their worst at you, God throws his best at you.

And then God taught me what really love is..

I though it will always be a happy feeling,
but it is the more you want to be with the right person even
at his lowest.
It is being selfish, willing to give more rather than receiving.
I taught that you need much time to know so well the person,
but even if its just a second, it feels like a lifetime when you are with the right person.
the person who never sees your failures in the past, but his future and his last.
In all my insecurities He has been my security.

Love is a choice..

to never get tired of picking and dropping you home until she become your home,
to cook you breakfast until you share the same morning,
to notice every details that you tell him,
to tell you how beautiful you are even He sees you at your worst ugly days,
to buy you milktea because you are craving for it,
to wait you to take pictures of the food you ordered.
to like all your uploaded photos even

When love is being clouded by the responsibilities of life, just focus yourself
to the author of love himself, Jesus Christ.

because true love is..
it is Kind,
it does not envy,
it does not boast
it is not proud
it will not dishonor your partner
it is not self seeking
it is not easily angered
it keeps no records of wrong
love does not delight in evil but it rejoices with truth
love always protect
love always trust
love always hopes
love always perseverse..

Love never fails.

We as human maybe limited but if God will be the center and the source of love,
it will be eternal and unconditional.

You may have accomplished all the things you could have accomplished but do not have love in it,
you gain nothing.

Never stop pursing what you love..
It may ba a person, your family, your career, your goals, or even yourself..

Keep loving.

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About the writers:

Leziel Joy G. Bandiola. On the job with ISO 9001 Quality Management System for 5yrs and counting. Since I transferred here in MPT South I have been exposed to Environment, Safety and Health. I have been with the newsletter team for 6months now, a lot of lesson was learned and more exciting facts to unveiled as I work with this growing team.<3

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