Love for Environment: How to Really Care

by Jeffry T. Del Pilar, SEPTEMBER 2022

We always see environmental advocates in the news doing clean-up drives at the coast, river, and creeks while others plant seedlings and trees. But the real question here is, is it enough to show that we really care? What are the things that we can do to contribute in our little way to care for and protect the environment?

Our environment is the source of everything that we require in our daily lives, starting from our daily food intake. For this reason alone, we should practice daily habits in our homes that will help us to conserve the environment.

We have a lot of pollutants in our homes and we can prevent these from going into the environment through these simple acts:

1. Minimizing food wastage

Food waste causes a lot of environmental pollution. Statistics have proven that a significant percentage of food gets wasted every day around the globe. Wasted food is thrown away in landfills where it emits methane gas, a highly potent greenhouse gas, which causes climate change. We can ensure that we reduce the level of methane gas that goes into the atmosphere by managing our food consumption by preparing just the right amount of food for our needs

2. Installing bins

Trash bins also help to ensure that you do not litter unnecessarily, thus ensuring that the environment is kept clean. Afterward, segregation must be done, to separate those for throwing and those for recycling.

Most households do not have separate bins for different type of waste. It is better to have one like separate bins for the leftover foods (Biodegradable) and single-use plastic (Non-biodegradable).

3. Using better cleaning methods

Some of the cleaning ingredients we use at home can be hazardous to our surroundings. These toxic items can be found in cleaning agents such as soaps, bleach, etc. which can also be harmful to human health and the environment.

Thus, it is recommended to switch to organic and environmentally-friendly products. Instead of using toxic chemicals, choose vinegar and other organic substitutes.  You could even make your own cleaning products at home with natural ingredients

4. Recycling and reusing

You can also go the extra mile in caring for the environment by recycling. There are various items in a home that you can use more than once to reduce your domestic waste. Some of these include plastic containers and plastic bags.

Disposing of these after using them once is a hazard to the environment as plastic is not biodegradable. You can also use the services of a disposal collection company that recycles the waste that they collect from households.

6. Make an urban garden (Plantito’s / Plantita’s)

Self-sufficiency is good for the planet. Have you ever thought about growing your own plants at home? Not only would you save money, but you won’t have to buy food.

It also makes us feel like we have more control over our food source, which brings comfort during a crisis. This then leads us to the next major reason: Gardening is giving our mental health a boost during these difficult times.

Caring for the environment is everyone’s job. There aren’t any excuses to evade our responsibility. Change your habits, pay attention to what you do every day, and start going green! Let us all do our part in protecting mother earth!




About the writers:

Jeffry T. Del Pilar. I am not a fan of titles, positions, or work hours to define leadership… It is about the correct mindset and relationship with the people.

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