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by Joy S. Orig, FEBRUARY 2021

In the All-Hands Meeting watch party held last February 17, 2021, one of the questions raised from the Q&A piqued the interest of our MPT South MANCOM (Management Committee). Sharing here the question and the answer from one of our MANCOM members.

Question: Can i fall in love with my co-worker?

While Selena and her fellow millennials insist that the heart wants what it wants, Elvis and other wise men say only fools rush in. Falling in love may be a beautiful thing, however, always remember to C.A.R.E.

C – Consider all company policies. Among others, disclosures are necessary to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Certain behaviors are frowned upon or even prohibited under the company’s code of commitment.  Act accordingly and appropriately.

A – Acknowledge the risks and implications of your actions as these may affect you and your future with the company. How will you be perceived by your superiors or subordinates? What if things don’t work out? Can you really handle your emotions?

R – Respect boundaries. Respect the importance of maintaining a professional work environment for all. Respect the word “No.” There is a blurry line between “sweet nothings” and “stalking”. Be sensitive to the difference.

E – Examine your values. Love for the right reasons, and act with love, not just of self, but of the entire organization.

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Joy Somera Orig. The self-proclaimed better half of an offbeat partnership, she is proud mom to two adorable goofballs. She is grateful everyday for a stimulating profession. Finding the right word for a piece of writing. A purposeful employer. A hardworking talented Legal team.  Friends who love to laugh. A dance well executed.

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