Learning How to Speak the Universal Language: Love

by Jomina D. Saflor, MARCH 2021

Excerpt from The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Last by Gary Chapman

Love, can be a noun, most of the time verb and forever “you.”

We tend to express love the way we feel like giving it. It seems like hitting the target but missing the point. We all express and feel love differently. The need to be aware of your ‘why’ when our pursuit for something overshadows everything else around. Discovering you and your loved one’s love language creates more understanding of each other’s needs and support. Here are the five different forms of giving and receiving love:

1. Words of Affirmation

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How do you feel when you hear your partner compliments you? This love language expresses love with words that brighten the mood of your partner. Verbal compliments do not have to be complicated; the shortest and simplest praises can be one of the most effective.

2. Acts of Service

The famous saying “Actions speak louder than words” applies on this love language. Simple things like making breakfast or watering the plants demonstrate you care about your partner and your life together. It also involves anything you do to ease your partner’s task and everyday errands.

3. Quality Time

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Spending meaningful and undivided time with your partner is a key criterion of this love language. Giving your time to your partner is like giving a portion of your life. They do not just want to be included during this period; they want to be the center of your attention. With that way, they feel loved and assured in the relationship.

4. Receiving Gifts

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Wait, this is not merely being materialistic, this language blooms on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. It just means that a thoughtful gift makes your partner feel loved and appreciated. It does not need to be expensive; it can be as simple as offering a milk tea after a long work week can make a huge impact.

5. Physical Touch

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To people with this love language, nothing is more valuable than the physical expression of love. Expressing your love through intimate touch is possible, not necessarily having sex with your partner. They do feel more connected and safer in a relationship by holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc.

So, how it is? Are you able to evaluate you and your loved one’s love language? Still confused? Take the love language quiz at http://www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes




About the writer:

Jomina D. Saflor. Mina is a newly hired employee of MPT-South under the QSCE Section of PMD-Calax. She is a cheerful young lady from Cavite and would like to regain her passion in writing.

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