Juan of South: Teamwork

by Debbie Jane P. Baladad, MAY 2021


Working in a team to create a successful, cohesive output is a huge challenge. It involves several factors including thought leadership, a properly working system, a thorough collaboration, among others.

But most importantly, it requires building trust with your team.

Alvin Paolo M. Ubando, the Right-of-Way Technical Senior Associate under the leadership of Rebecca Olivia “Keka” S. Dimasacat just recently nominated as a “Whowaran Awardee,” under the Teamwork category.

Alvin graduated from Saint Mary’s University in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. With the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, he handles all the consolidation of the right-of-way status reports from different projects, including all the technical-related concerns and issues of such. With those workloads, Alvin managed to finish the job by properly coordinating with each team leader of each project and by verifying all the details that were given to him. So far, it was the coolest thing that he is working on right now because he gets to see first-hand the progress of the right-of-way.

Being a Technical Senior Associate requires a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication. Just like what he said, “Ang trabaho kasi namin ay connected sa isa’t isa. So, pag merong magfail na isang task, hindi na gagalaw yung the rest. If you want to stay connected and understand what’s going on in the team, you’ve got to have a better communication structure to help you focus your attention on listening, taking action, and accomplishing your to-do lists – without your team’s needs falling by the wayside.” It was a great representation of how enthusiastic and committed Alvin is. He also added that despite the plenty of works that need to be done, one can accomplish all of that with proper coordination and commitment.

Building effective teamwork is a common challenge every leader must face eventually – especially when they are working with new, shy members. This became more challenging if one realizes that you must keep your members engaged and productive with their tasks to build an effective team.

So, how do you build an effective team?

It all starts with asking meaningful and thoughtful questions. Because questions can start conversations, and conversations can lead to more trust and engagement – improving teamwork productivity along the way.




About the writer:

Debbie Jane P. Baladad. A pure Manilena, she is a lover of milk teas, naps and ball point pens. She also finds addiction with watching movies and land transfers. Currently finding the enthusiasm in writing articles.

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