Juan of South: See Others, Customers

by Razelle Eldlene I. Azugui, FEBRUARY 2022

HARRON R. ADJOK, Project Management

Amidst the uncertainty, the constant pressure to move forward and do more with less, every little act of kindness becomes a ray of sunlight. It is such a blessing to find someone who can be able to see through your need and say, “Do you need help?”.

In an organization that gears up to give excellent service to people, it is of utmost importance that such values are embodied and practiced by the people within.

Working for MPT South C5 South Link Project as a Project Engineer for more than a year, Engr. Harron Adjok, has been in constant coordination with the contractor, designer, independent consultants, and other sections within the organization. Several people he has worked with, even in the short period of time, have noted his ability to show understanding of their needs whenever they approach him for assistance. There were also others who commended his characteristic of being the one to ask if he could be of help.

During our interview, it was astonishing how he speaks more of how it is a team’s work, it’s always “Kame kasi sa engineering”. He talked about their experiences in project coordination and how it has also been challenging for him to be working with people of different working strategies. Personally, the most challenging for him was working with the contractor’s queries as this requires immediate action. When I asked him whether he gets tired or annoyed about this since most of the contractor’s queries are for remedial measures and corrective actions, he, in turn, asked me “Why did we become engineers?” and I’ve answered, “To be problem solvers”.  He told me that as engineers our aim should always be of aid, to give assistance to where it is needed, as much as you can.

When I asked him how he feels whenever people say they approach him for assistance because he seems approachable and always around, he became a bit uneasy and said “Di ko alam, ganun ba ko?”. When I asked him to talk more about his upbringing, he mentioned how at a young age they were taught to be the kind of person is approachable because it is one of the traits of the last prophet Muhammad, which they aim to embody as well. He also told me that there is a hadith (collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad), “Smiling in the face of your brother is an act of charity”. He said that a smile is one of the sincerest expressions a person could give, a signal of openness and sharing, and that is why he smiles often and as much as he can, he meets people with a cheerful face.

It doesn’t take much to help and it doesn’t need to be a big act. A genuine smile, a pat on the back, a simple “Kumusta?”, or words of encouragement can go a long mile. We must always take it to heart to give assistance, only then we could provide good service to our customers. Be the reason why the people within our organization have positive experiences. Smile 😊




About the writer:

Razelle Eldlene I. Azugui. An introvert with coffeeholic tendencies. Enjoys long walks under the shade of trees and would rather bury herself in reading a good novel. Sweet yet straightforward woman, believing that the power of words can induce to change each personality which I fondly call “the art of words”.