Juan of South: Mr. Mhany Agusto

by Rojean B. Baleda, JULY 2022

He is a person who thought of joining a race that would further stretch his potential, and take everything one step at a time. From movement, shift to your nutrition goals. Because for him There’s no right formula to being fit or healthy. 

Our Juan of South is from Corporate Communication and Events Management, Mhanny Jonnel S. Agusto. His mantra in life “Make your Mama Proud” or MYMP. He is one of the best employees who maintains a healthy lifestyle. Aside from being a responsible employee, he is also into Crossfit activities like Spartan Race and Obstacle Course . “Working in an office setup really makes majority of our time sedentary, that is why I need to have an outlet for me to move and challenge myself more.” – Mhanny 

Being healthy doesn’t mean you should not enjoy outside world, it’s only means discipline and balanced lifestyle. Even our Juan of the South – Mhanny go through it. In his every accomplishment and achievement in life, he celebrates it with siblings and friends. They usually eat or go out just to shop or look for new places to hangout. There are also times that he celebrates it alone.” It may be lonesome for others, pero I usually enjoy my me time din. Minsan magdadrive lang ako, or tatambay sa isang coffee shop, or sa cinema”. 

This nutrition month, may this story be an inspiration for everyone to start changing unhealthy habits to healthy one. Besides, having a healthy lifestyle is the best investment you can make. 




About the writer:

Rojean B. Baleda. A sweet yet straightforward woman, believing that the power of words can induce to change each personality which I fondly call “the art of words”.

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