Juan of South: Measure Execution for Excellence

by Rojean B. Baleda, JUNE 2021


Someone who loves a random late-night drive, cooks foreign cuisine always with a Filipino twist, and believes that in every challenge met, he holds on to this “Ora et Labora” (Prayer and Hard work).

Our Assistant Manager for Corporate Legal Services, Atty. Patrick Dave F. Ebid grew up in Legazpi City Albay, known for the world-famous Mayon Volcano and mouth-watering delicacies ‘gata’ or coconut milk as the main ingredient. He took A.B. Philosophy, Foreign Service Track for two reasons. First, he considered being a foreign service officer or a member of the Philippine Diplomatic Corps. Second, He was convinced that A.B. Philosophy was the best pre-law discipline. 

Out of curiosity, I asked him what made him decide to go for MPTSouth? He responded, “The growth prospects of the company and within it are what made me choose MPT South. So that, when a friend of mine mentioned the opportunity I wasted no time and submitted my application right away. ”

Atty. Pat normally drafts and reviews contracts involving MPT South’s concession companies. He also conducts due diligence investigations on properties to be acquired for MPT South’s non-toll business development ventures and proposed new toll projects. He also extends his legal support to other divisions. And being one of the family members here in the South, Atty. Patrick found that at MPT South, the workload, the quality of work expected, and the caliber of people are pretty much the same as his former job. But the main difference is the corporate culture which he finds very aligned with his principles. Also, “I am extremely lucky to have a very supportive, hard-working, and brilliant boss,” he says.




About the writer:

Rojean B. Baleda. A sweet yet straightforward woman, believing that the power of words can induce to change each personality which I fondly call “the art of words”.

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