Juan of South: Measure Execution for Excellence

by Razelle Eldlene I. Azugui, JUNE 2022

Engr. Danilo R. Ignacio, Project Management Department 

The pandemic has indeed challenged the capabilities and adaptability of different organizations, including its system and processes. With the magnified organizational friction, execution slowed down while being steered to find alternative solutions. One of the susceptible ones to this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment is the construction industry, forcing it to accelerate its learning curve to continuously meet the industry standards and achieve excellence, despite the challenges. 

Engr. Danilo Ignacio, currently working as the Project Manager in CALAX Project, is one of those spearheading the PMD’s continuous efforts in pursuing excellence in execution. Managers like Sir Dan are often challenged not only with providing clear and measureable goals for his team, but also in ensuring that they are properly guided and equipped to do so. Thankfully, MPT South remains true to its policy of providing necessary work to tolls and up-to-date technology, making Sir Dan confident that his team can deliver and surpass challenges in this rapidly changing business environment. 

For Engr. Dan, the real measure of excellence is through people. They provide the most accurate picture of the project’s performance. It is seeing the team surpass expectations set to them through collaborative effort. While it is easy to measure it through the target accomplishments, there is so more that happens behind the scene, taking more than technical skills to do the job. 

Execution excellence is a commitment in raising productivity level, to which, according to Engr. Dan, is best achieved through advancing the effectiveness of people’s ability to collaborate. It is about being consistent and improving quality of people management, recognizing individual and team successes, empowering them through various learning opportunities, and giving them opportunities for promotion. 

Excellence may be measured differently for everyone, one thing remains the same, it keeps us driving to do and achieve more. With more than 36 years of construction industry experience, Engr. Dan have overcome multitude of challenges- the biggest of which is his fear of failure.

Like a weight on his shoulder, expectation and burden of being someone expected to be on top of every situation, is not an easy thing to carry, but it did not stop him from working excellently and delivering even beyond what is expected of him. “It takes time…. diamonds go through immense heat to be able to turn to a precious stone. The same goes for people, while your goal and plans are important, the journey to get there makes the success worth it” said Engr. Dan. 

Engr Dan believes that for as long as his team continues to increase its productivity, achieving corporate targets of turning projects to profitable investments are possible. They just need to keep on collaborating and ensure that when they execute works, they are all looking at a clear, common, defined goal. For as long as we continue to strive for excellence, the more we realize that it is a continuous journey that must be done with perseverance, dedication, time and willingness to learn. In other words, the road to excellence is a road always under construction. 




About the writer:

Razelle Eldlene I. Azugui. An introvert with coffeeholic tendencies. Enjoys long walks under the shade of trees and would rather bury herself in reading a good novel. Sweet yet straightforward woman, believing that the power of words can induce to change each personality which I fondly call “the art of words”.

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