Juan of South: Integrity

by Guillermo “Cocoy” A. Danipog III, MARCH 2021

PAULINE RENZ P. VILLANUEVA, Technology Management

Shy and soft-spoken 25-year-old Pauline Villanueva never dreamt of living separately from her family. All she wanted, she said, was to build her own house in the province and settle down with a stable business on the side.

But in 2019, she got her first taste of independence and adulthood as she got accepted to a position in MPT South which prompted her to bid goodbye to her hometown in Guiguinto, Bulacan.

A member of the Technological Management Division, who believes that women in the workplace should not hesitate to lead and engage in worthwhile endeavors, Pau has already been designated to different roles within the division. She was originally hired as an MMS/Helpdesk Associate whose responsibility involves the tracking and monitoring of the company’s technological equipment and facilities. However, since the system for such purpose is still in its development phase, Pau was initially assigned an IT support role in her first year with MPTS. Luckily, she is no stranger when it comes to providing tech support she has been providing such service in their family’s computer rental business ever since she was a Computer Engineering student. After a year, Pau was then transferred to Tollroad Systems and Support (TSS) Department. She currently juggles her duties of monitoring TSS issue logs, validating the charging of transactions of the motorists, as well as conducting site visits for lane observation, testing and commissioning, and documentation of the Operation and Manual Policy and Procedure.

Pau is an outgoing person; she loves traveling, going on food trips, and to top it all off, she documents these experiences on various online platforms. But with all the travel restrictions that are currently being implemented here and abroad, Pau could only revisit her posts in her social media accounts to reminisce the feeling of engaging in these activities. Furthermore, their family business has also suffered a huge setback as classes had gone online; computer shops were prohibited from operating and the demand for paper printing has considerably decreased. Nevertheless, Pau found a light in the situation. Just recently, she started an online business selling Chicharon. “Nagsimula siya lahat sa office kasi nahalata ko na basta malaman nilang may taga-Bulacan, ‘matic na magpapabili ng chicharon,” she revealed.  “So nung naging work from home last year, naisipan kong mag tinda ng Bagnet Chicharon.” Currently, this business of hers had gained quite a following with a running sales count of 378 in the online selling platform, Shopee.

Pau may still have a long way to go before she reaches her goals. Nevertheless, she is happy to see them slowly being realized one by one. For now, being able to help defray her family’s expenses is already a great feat. “Ngayong nakagraduate at nagtatrabaho na ako, time ko na para bumawi sa family ko,” she said. “I’m proud to say  that I was finally able to send my OFW father back in the country after working abroad for 25 years.”

Looking back at her first few years of working with MPTS, Pau realized how she has grown into the strong and independent woman that she is today. She was able to show that women can flourish even in the darkest of days and that women can have more control over their lives. From being afraid of leaving her comfort zone, she has now gained the confidence and courage to face her fears and conquer every challenge that comes her way. “Tayong mga babae, we have the freedom to make our programs and gain new skills,” she said. “Kaya hindi dapat tayo nali-limit sa mga stereotype na idinidikta sa atin. Babae tayo, hindi babae lang!”




About the writer:

Guillermo A. Danipog III. Cocoy is a Roadway Engineer from Asset Management Department. Being a part of his elementary school’s journalism team was one of his earliest writing stints but decided to step back come high school as he felt inferior and was not confident of his skills yet. Now, he rediscovered his shelved passion by writing for Southlink’s Juan of South and enjoys featuring his colleagues and treats every article as an opportunity to discover new things about them. His features were some of Southlink’s most-visited entries in 2019 and this year, he wants to be more creative and experimental with his works.

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