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by Debbie Jane P. Baladad, JULY 2021


At a glance, Heinz seems a typical marketing guy who has the knack of breaking the ice in a crowd. On top of his 10 years of experience on Online and New Media Account Management, he is also known as a multi-awarded photographer who has received accolades for his creative photography works.

Once, he was a Digital Head who led various digital projects including the AIR21 Mobile App. In 2012, this app enables online booking of pick-up and tracking of package. It was such a feat during those year. 🙂 

This experience helped him be picked as one of the members of the Digital Hub Project team for the MPTC Mobile App. Heinz said, “I thought it was just a normal meeting that we usually attend. But I was really surprised to see my name on the Table of Organization as the Technology Development Lead, which eventually evolved into Functional Lead. I guess my experience from my previous career played a big role. Aside from being surprised, I felt excited and thrilled because I love doing this kind of thing. At the same time, I also felt scared because of my knowledge is not updated and I may not meet the expectation. So, I asked old friends and colleagues. I also did research on my own to help me think what I need to do.”

Heinz further shared some of his experiences acting as a functional lead. “Yung mga functions ng units, ako yung nag-iinterpret on how features will flow on the app, how it will appeal, what features that will give best the customers’ and/or motorists’ experience,” he said. With that, they considered applying the best practices for the application.

Now that the app is in Beta Testing, it’s only a few step away from reality. “I feel proud and excited because I belong to this wonderful team that makes the MPTC mobile app a reality. Looking back from where we started, from endless meetings, coordination with developers, exhausting resources, it seems surreal that we’re almost at the end-goal,” said Heinz.

When asked about how innovation has impacted him? He said, “Innovation plays a huge role in this project. We have to think out-of-the-box and try new things/platform but with customer focus in mind. We need to give the best user experience for the app. Innovation helps us not only to try new things, it also helps us to identify what existing procedure needs innovation to improve the process. We have to go to the roots  and  introduce change. It’s not easy, but for sure, it will be worth it.”

Heinz final words, “My advice to those who wanted to try new things, don’t hesitate – just go for it! But make sure you did your research and did some planning so you’ll have a fall back in case it failed. If you failed, charged it to experience and the next time, you know better.”

While the technology continues to transform our daily living at a remarkable clip, MPTC, with the mission to go beyond mobility, will launch its own one-stop travel application known as MPT Drive Hub in the next quarter of 2021. Drive Hub is a mobile application which will enable the motorists to avail mobility services of MPTC. Unlike any other applications out there, it is the only mobile app that integrates all your motoring and travel-related services.

Here are some of the features of the Drive Hub application to look out for:

My Profile and Wallet

Like some other mobile applications, you cannot access all necessary features without creating your own account. Using this page, you can update and modify your personal information and Easytrip RFID account information. You can also enroll your debit/credit card information.

Traffic Advisory

Preparing to travel with your friends and loved ones but want to ensure the traffic updates? With Drive Hub, you can now plan all your trips by checking the latest traffic advisories and updates for all MPTC tollways.

Toll Matrix

With this feature, you can compute and/or calculate your toll fees and reload it on your RFID, and wait, there’s more! You can also calculate your toll fees for your entire journeys and save it as your itinerary to provide a seamless travel experience to the motorists.

Rest Areas

Wanna grab something? Or need to gas up? Just go to Rest Areas page and you can find all restaurants and gas stations in MPTC Tollways. The Drive Hub can also assist you ordering your foods in advance.


When incidents happen, the Emergency tool will assist you addressing your concern whether it is medical, engine failures, blown tires or towing.


Manage your Easytrip RFID account using this feature. You may reload and send load to your loved ones.

While features are still bound for internal beta testing, it is undeniable that MPT Drive Hub is a product of company’s innovation. It is by fact, an approach to introduce something new – to reinvigorate the company and promote new value and growth. Coming this next quarter of 2021, we can look forward more on what it is instore for all of us.




About the writer:

Debbie Jane P. Baladad. A pure Manilena, she is a lover of milk teas, naps and ball point pens. She also finds addiction with watching movies and land transfers. Currently finding the enthusiasm in writing articles.

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